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"Look Josh, I'm dead serious, Wanted sucked!"

"C'mon man! How? What other movie's can you name which has Angelina Jolie shooting shit up whilst driving a sweetass-looking car!"

"Yeah, but... Seriously? A LOOM? Thats how they choose who to kill? Not for money or anything, oh no... By listening to a machine that weaves cloth? Thats the silliest thing i've ever heard of!"

"Yeah, that... WAS kinda stupid... But at least you get to see Angelina Jolie partially naked, right?"

"Yeah, guess you're right..."

"Hehe, yeah...... Hey, uh, Marty? You with me man?"

"HELLOOO! Earth to Marty?"


"Huh... Thats odd, Now i'm feelin' tried as well..."

"Guess I could rest my eyes for a LITTLE while..."


B10: Joshua Krakowski start

Personally, Joshua couldn't of wished for a better morning to wake up to. The sun was shining, the sky was empty of rain-clouds, and he could of almost sworn he could hear birds singing. Yup, from the looks of things today was going to be an ESPECIALLY awesome day...

Only... Joshua couldn't quite figure out why he was sleeping outside. Had he gotten drunk and slept in the garden? Its not like that'd be the first time that has happened... Still, for some reason his neck itched like hell. He couldn't quite figure out why... And as he reached over to scratch it, he suddenly fell flat on his face onto the dirt.

If that didn't wake him up, nothing would. The living anachronism quickly got up, dusting himself down as he took note of his surroundings. It didn't take long until he realised something was amiss.

For one, why was he sleeping on a bench? Surely even if he was drunk he'd look for somewhere more comfy to sleep?

Secondly, where the hell was he anyway? From the looks of things, he'd ended up on top of some mountain somewhere. He could tell from the fact that barely a few feet away from him lay this HUGE drop off the side of the side of the aforementioned mountain, which caused Joshua to stumble back over the bench towards safety.

Then... It all came back. The bus, the auditorium, the gunfire, the video clips... It all suddenly made sense.

... Oh crap. This isn't good...

That was the understatement of the century, and Joshua knew it. In all his wild imaginings, Joshua Krakowski never dreamed that he'd ever actually be in the last place he ever wanted to wake up in... Survival of the Fittest.

Despite this, all he did next was sit down on the bench and observe the view.

He didn't panic... Or get angry... or upset, or anything really. He just sat.

Not that he wasn't concerned about the fact that he was in the middle of the bloodiest games ever known. Far from it... Its just that he always had a knack for keeping his cool in even the most stressful of situations. At this as it turned out wouldn't be an exception.

Although truth be told, that was partially because it hadn't really hit Joshua yet just how serious his situation was.

"Well... Bummer..." He said, still trying to figure out what he should do next. One thing for sure, I DEFINITELY ain't playing along with this... Killing people ain't really my style, you know?

"Should I, like, check my weapon or something? I mean... Damn..."

He brushed back his hair, pausing for a few seconds before grabbing his bag and checking the contents. Sure enough, everything whatshisname had said was in here was there. Including his weapon, namely an odd looking metal-stick thingy which he quickly took out to examine.

"The heck is this? Some kinda metal baton thingy...... I like it!" He said, giving the weapon a couple of practice swings. It was fairly light, and from the looks of things fairly hard. Luckily, though, it didn't look as though it could actually be fatal. Well thats a relief... Wouldn't want accidentally kill anyone now...

... Now thats outta the way, what next? I should probably look for a way out of here... Its a big island, right? So naturally there ought to be a boat or something... Wait, oh yeah. The collars... Damn... Maybe theres a way to get 'em off?

As he sat there, stroking his chin as he thought up half-baked ideas for how he could escape or fight the system, a thought came up.

Holy crap, MARTY! Where is he?!? Oh man, theres no way he'll last a second out there alone! I've gotta do something... ANYTHING!

With that in mind, he stood up on the bench and started calling out Marty's name at the top of his lungs.


It wasn't a bright idea in the slightest, anybody could tell you that. But that didn't stop Joshua in the slightest as he loudly announced his location for anyone who may have been within earshot.
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