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(G23: Start)

"Say hi to Cara for me, she was stupid enough to believe me too,” he said, and pulled the trigger.

Blood spattered everywhere.


Claire Lambert sat on a pew in the front row of the currently empty chapel, or eyes fixated on an empty spot on the wall.

"This is unreal. This is fucking unreal..."

Her whispered re-assurances did nothing to comfort her, though. She knew that every emotion she'd experienced in the hours since her abduction had been more than called for.

The feeling of being stabbed in the chest as her English teacher had collapsed to the ground in front of her, blood pooling around her on the concrete...

Of intense fear, as she noticed the steeled resolution in a few of her classmates' eyes, as they adjusted to their hopeless situation much quicker than she ever could've hoped to...

And finally, or at least the final major emotion she could recall, was one of abrupt realization as she'd withdrawn a Magnum from her assigned daypack and stared breathlessly at the box of ammunition beside it.

She didn't feel lucky, though. Despite the fact that she was probably much better off than some of her fellow students on the island, the absolute last thing Claire felt was luck. Or fortune. Or like she'd been blessed by the Saviour who watched over her from his deathbed.

She felt cursed.

"Way to go, Claire. Had to be such a bitch to all the rejects at Bayview, and now look where you've found yourself."

Claire gulped, swallowing a lump in her throat as dry tears welled up in the corners of her eyes.

"They're coming for you."

She would not be the next Cara Scholte. There was no way Ryan and Kelly Lambert were losing their only daughter to this fucking game. She was smart. She was athletic. She could get out of here. All she had to do was make sure she didn't make the same mistake as the girl on the monitor had.

"You're on your own, now."

Claire stood up, gazing around the room in an attempt to get familiar with her surroundings. Her peripheral vision was compromised by the liquid embodiment of her terror, but it wasn't enough to distract her from her goal. She exhaled, surveying the perimeter.

The room was modest, to say the least. Her back was to the raised stage behind her, with a non-descript altar conveniently placed at its center. Two rows of pews took up the majority of the small room, whose most noteworthy features were the front and back door. Had she been more aware that this had once been a church for a small town, she would have surmised that it didn't receive enough donations.

The brass handle on one of the solid oak doors at the front of the chapel stood out to her, polished gold radiating against its redwood background. She didn't even have time to make note of whether or not the chapel had a back door, however, as one feature of the chapel caught her now widened eyes.

Half of the front door was open.

Claire panicked, grabbing her daypack and zipping it up. She whipped her left arm frantically between its straps, hastily dashing through the pews and dropping her bags in the corner of the room. She had positioned herself at the front of the chapel in the southwest corner, so that she had her back to the same wall as the front door found itself embedded in. From this spot, her line of fire was optimal. She'd be able to see whoever came in before they could see her.

The fact that she was already thinking a bit too tactically didn't cross her mind. Claire had mechanically loaded her magnum as per the instruction manual upon its discovery, so all that was left for her to do was hold her position. Maybe she'd get lucky and nobody would wander by...

Or maybe her worst fear would come true, and her need for a surprise attack would become a reality.

Claire took a deep breath.
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