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(Boy 102, Trevor Duncan start)

Trevor lay on the cold, damp floor of a warehouse. His eyes were closed, his breathing slow but steady. This would be the last undisturbed rest he was ever going to have and he was aiming on savouring it. Focussing on nothing but the gentle rise and fall of his chest Trevor lay on the floor. There was utter quiet all around. The rhythmic sigh of his breathing filled him with a sense of calm. In this moment he could be anywhere he chose. He hadn’t been abducted. There was no game. There was no fear. There was only peace. For this small moment Trevor was fine .

Trevor took a deep breath. He opened his eyes. He exhaled. There was light in the warehouse, and there was a chill in the air. Slowly, Trevor sat up. He looked around him. He was in a maze of containers, red and blue. His legs shook as he stood up. Still a little groggy then he thought grimly. Trevor looked behind him then bent down and slowly unzipped the bag. Everything was at it had been described. He reached into the bag and grasped the wooden handle of some unknown item. Pulling the sides of the bag down Trevor withdrew the hoe. Hmm, could be worse.

I need to find…someone. But who? Someone big? Someone smart? The one with the biggest gun or the one with a paperclip? What’s the smart choice? The video showed the sort of person who survived this ordeal. Trevor knew he wasn’t that person. Then who shall I be? One thing was certain; he couldn’t stay where he was. Why can’t I? Just sitting here wouldn’t be a bad idea. There’s no need for me to go out there, out into that place, where people will forget who they were like what? A day ago? In here you know who you are. That’s all you can be certain of here anyway.

Turning the thought over in his head Trevor decided to compromise. He would explore this building at least. It made sense to know his way about, especially when he was in danger of becoming lost if the crates went on in the seemingly haphazard pattern he could see. With no structure, no form how was he supposed to find his way anywhere without looking? There was no way of knowing if he’d passed the same spot over and over again, unless he left something behind. If I leave something then that’s just a sign that I was there. Better to not do that.

Trevor slung the bag over his coat and gripped the hoe in both hands, holding it ready if needs be. Slowly he walked forwards. The sound of his footsteps seemed deafeningly loud but there was nothing he could do about that. And if he kept his pace regular then he could almost be comforted by the sound.

Trevor made his way through the maze of red and blue.

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