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Can you hear me?
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Where was she?

It was dark... and was she floating? Actually, no. Either she just got rested on the ground (if there was any) or it just materialized under her. She could barely remember how she ended up in the darkness. Was she dead? Or did someone hurt her really hard in gym? A steady pain was forming in her head, so either one of those could be it. And it felt... well, was she outside? It had that feeling of being outside, at least.

And, that's when she opened her eyes.

A bright flash of light hit her, almost blinding her. Anna Chase lifted her hand to her face, partly because of the light, and also because of the amount of pain going through her head. After a few seconds, she realized that the light was... the sun? That must have been it. She was also apparently lying on the ground. Did she fall asleep outside? Then why did her head hurt?

Chase lifted herself off the ground as best as she could, sitting upright. The world around her was now blurry. After a few seconds, she realized that she wasn't wearing her glasses or contacts. She padded her hands across the ground and her body, hoping that she had set her glasses beside her. But, it was nowhere in sight, or rather, touch. She was going to have to find out where she was without using her eyesight.

So, where was she? Chase rested her head against her hand, feeling a bit like she wanted to throw up. After a while, with a bit of difficulty, she decided to backtrack.

Think Chase, think!

She could remember that she was just about to get on the bus to take them to the class trip, and someone had ran up to her. Who was it? She knew it was male, but she knew lots of men in her life. Suddenly it hit her; Jon? Yes! That was it! They talked about something... what was it about... oh. That's right. Chase knew she wasn't very good at the whole dating thing. She had been a horrid girlfriend. And she was getting the feeling she was hurting Jon. If he hadn't been hurt yet, he would be in the future. Chase's dad had a very firm hatred of him, and would tell Chase at any opportunity that little fact. Chase cared very much about her dad, and often worried if he would get sick again, even just from stress. And Lexie... she knew very well that she didn't like him either. It didn't help that Chase didn't see her for a while. Very often, she worried that she was actually trying to avoid her. Very often, she would wish to see her again, and just... be friends again. Another thing that was bugging her was that she was always so nervous around Jon. Chase did everything she could to please him, but was never sure if it got through to him, or even if she was just being paranoid. Many of her early concerns about the relationship had already been resolved emotionally, but these new ones had cropped up.

And then the little incident with Dawne just made things worse for her... and for Jon and her as a couple. It cinched the fact that she wasn't a good girlfriend, and that she had to do something about that.

So, that day she had called it quits. Chase knew it had hurt Jon, but it was better than him to experience more pain as more time went by. And it had hurt Chase too. She never really did want to do that. But she did. She was tired of lying to Jon, of pretending to be something she wasn't. It did not last very long, but she knew it was... kind of nice. She genuinely enjoyed being part of the relationship. It just was that... well, she needed some time to think. Chase didn't see herself as being honest around Jon.

So, that was that. By the time Chase had gotten on the bus, she was single again.

But... that didn't explain why the hell she was on the ground with a massive headache! The last thing she could remember after that was Jon giving her a small box (what was it?), laughing at the busdriver's jokes and....

Oh no. Now she remembered.

She had taken her glasses off after she started to feel sleepy, but even with nearsightedness, she could hear everything. Was that really gunshots? Was that really the....

Oh god. Survival of the Fittest.

The one time she sat down and watched the airings, it was to see what all the fuss was about. And, well, she didn't like what she saw. One would be surprised to hear that from the horror movie fangirl, but there it was. It seemed pointless... and she had no clue why so many of her classmates would drool over what was essentially a... terrorist attack or something? But, she usually paid no attention to things in the news involving SOTF.

But, here it was, staring her in the face.

Did this mean she had to... no! She couldn't kill! Chase never saw herself as a murderer. Sure, she watched all those movies, but it didn't mean that she could just pick up a gun, and... and...

Something wet started to form around her eyes. Oh god, she was starting to cry, wasn't she? Chase lifted her arm again, this time to wipe her face on her sleeve, slightly smudging what was left of her makeup in the process. Crying did nothing. She had to get out of here!

But how?

Escape wasn't possible, they said. If they saw escape attempts, apparently it will be dealt with. She could barely remember the details, due to the headache that was coming on. So, now what?

Here Anna Chase was, alone, heartbroken, close to blind, and with a headache. And she was supposed to be a murderer?! Or else she will be the one killed?! She couldn't do that!

Chase continued to attempt wiping away the tears, but it wasn't as if she could just stop. Hell, she didn't even know where she was! She lifted her arm away, and squinted. Was that a tower of some kind in front of her? Well, if it was, it was an odd looking tower, red and gold, like a giant wheel. A ferris wheel?

No, don't be silly. Why would the terrorists take over an amusement park?

That was her only clue, and frankly, it was an extremely blurry one.

She really was going to die here, wasn't she?

No! Don't think like that! All she needed to do was stay calm. That's it.

Chase continued to look around, squinting a bit more to get a closer view of her surroundings. It actually, well, it barely helped.

Hesitantly, she lifted her hands to her mouth in a cupping manner, and, as loud as she could, even with the headache, she shouted out.


She waited a few seconds, listening to her own voice echo. Did someone hear her? If they did, she hoped it would be someone "nice", as in, not killing. She would pray to god that it was one of her friends nearby, like Brendan, or even Dawne or Jon.

Please be someone nice!

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