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((Enter Kimberly Nguyen))

Kimberly's head hurt. A lot. But, more than that, she was confused. SOTF? No way. No way. Repeat it, like a mantra. No way. Yet here she was.

Well. This sucked.

She was lying on a beach. She hadn't been dressed properly for the trip. Tall boots. Skinny black jeans with just a few jingling chains. A old, ratty, bulky sweater. Her favorite fedora. She had other clothes in her bag. None were better. Well. That was an issue.

At least she had a toothbrush. Couldn't go on a trip without a toothbrush. Also, two packs of cigarettes. Should've been enough to last her a week. Matches. Also, one duffel bag behind her, one that wasn't her own. On the side, it read "G059". G059? Was that, like, her new identity? Everything that was Kimberly Nguyen, condensed to the number fifty nine?

Well, it could've been worse. Could've been sixty nine.

And, sand? Sand everywhere. She pulled herself up. Shook her head. Dragged the bags over. Started looking through them. A length of rope, tied to a grappling hook, immediately caught her eye. Well. Was this her weapon? Was this her defense? It couldn't kill anyone, but that was okay. Death wasn't on Kimberly's agenda. She could use the rope as a tool, tie someone up or something. Yes.

In a strange way, Kimberly wasn't so upset. She hadn't even begun to realize what this meant. All she was thinking was that, in its own way, this was a little bit like the Vietnam War. Innocent kids get drafted, sent off to wherever, and killed. Well, 'kay, could've been a horror novel too. Kimberly liked horror novels.

She liked them until they got too bloody, that is.

She quickly looked around. She was alone, so—wait, what? She wasn't alone. Not at all. There, down the beach, was a figure. A figure up and moving. Was this it? Would she have to fight for her life? Wait, no, it was one of her classmates. Kimberly chuckled. One of her classmates. They were going to become killers? Fat chance. The people in charge had fucked up when they picked Bayview Secondary School. It was the most boring school there could be. Nothing crazy. No insane people.

So Kimberly didn't hesitate at all, and just called out, "Hey, over here!"
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