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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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B091 Phillip Ward Start

"Mother. Fucker."

Phillip Ward kicked the heavy grey duffel bag in annoyance. The zipper was stuck and he had spent the last ten minutes trying to force it open. It had been about half an hour since he had awoken and hazily got his bearings. The field of logs and sparse foliage hadn't provided him with the most secure location to awake in and a part of him was glad no one had come across his sleeping body. The heat had woken him up from his gas-induced slumber and Phil had, unlike many of his class, vividly remembered the events of the night before. He had been quick to make a decision, which was to find anyone from the hockey team and stick together. No one else really could be trusted, plus from the weight of the bag he was pretty sure he was packing some heat. The rules made a sick kind of sense to the broad shouldered boy. In fact it seemed to him like they were very close to the rules of real life, make sure you don't get picked on by picking on others. He had witnessed the full effect of the taunts and jibes of the students of Bayview and knew that kids weren't nice. They were Son-of-a-bitch-rat-arse backstabbing cunts and apart from the team, none of those traitorous little shits could be trusted either in getting out of this place or otherwise.

One of the Kronwell's would know what to do, and once the team were together they could get the hell off this island.

"Yeah." Phillip spoke out loud. "Nik'll know what to do. Find Nik."

Glaring at the the bag briefly he took another glance around at his surroundings. Despite the relatively clear view he hadn't seen any other students yet which was a good thing. When a branch snapped nearby he had almost pissed his pants and was ashamed to say that he yelled out "please don't kill me" as quick as he could while falling over. Not that he would tell anyone that. Having reassured himself that he wasn't in any immediate danger he gave another forceful tug at the zipper, which finally gave way.

"Yes you son of bitch, come to Phil. What do we have here?"

Kneeling down Phil chucked the first aid kit aside and grabbed a chunk of bread and biting in to it with gusto. After all the physical work of opening the bag he was hungry and boy did he need to eat. Stuffing his face with the ration he finally pulled out a set of cat claws which he stared at in disbelief.

"What the fuck are these?" Mouth half full Phil willed himself to swallow before continuing. "Where is my goddamn gun?! I'm not fucking wolverine."

Still, if this was one of the weapons he could of got worse, plus Phil knew how to close distances quickly so it wasn't all bad. He paused for a second and mentally reigned himself in. He wasn't seriously thinking about killing his classmates was he? Well it wouldn't be that hard.

"It'd just take a quick stab, and they don't really deserve much better." Phil mumbled to himself, trying to rationalise his thoughts. "Plus I'm only doing it because if I didn't they would do it to me." He straight away recalled the short video of the boy stabbing the girl in the back that Danya had shown the class and nodded to himself.

"I'd only do it if one of those punks pulled any shit though, I ain't no murderer. Just hurt em so they can't come after me. Yeah."

Jamming his gear back in to his bag Phil hoisted the whole thing on to his left shoulder, sliding one cats claw on to his left fist before looking around and deciding on where to start looking for others.

"Just in case," he told himself "just in case."
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