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The faceless fear
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((G107 - Meredith Black Starto))

A loud banging noise shocked Meredith into wakefulness. Her eyes snapped open.

"GAH!" Meredith said, hearing the word echo down the chambers of the room.

The fact that she was in immediate danger did not quite occur to her until a couple of seconds later, when the scene of carnage that was the shooting of her teachers flashed before her eyes. Meredith whimpered. She'd been one of the few in the front row to watch that. Mrs Bishop, her head exploded, brains splattered over the floor.

Meredith rolled over onto her stomach and retched, only to find a long thread of drool dangle out of her mouth. She'd already vomited when she was tied up and her stomach was empty. It was a miracle that those people didn't shoot her for soiling her own clothes. They still stank, but the vomit seemed to have been cleaned off. Slid off, most likely. Vinyl didn't lend itself to being particularly absorbent.

She kept retching, trying to will the memories out of her head. She wondered vaguely if people had started shooting each other yet and if they were where she was.

Looking up, Meredith caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She looked like a wreck. Her hair was a mess, her makeup messed up. A damp patch on her clothes indicated where her vomit had landed and was wiped off. It was a look any shock rocker would be proud of.

Feeling rotten, Meredith leaned against a mirror and sobbed angrily. This wasn't goth. This was just disgusting. Her thoughts flipped back and forth, constantly focussing on the scene of carnage in front of her. Of Mrs Bishop's brains splattered on the floor.

"ARGH!" she yelled, angry and irritated.

Meredith balled her hands up into fists and hit the glass of the mirror, hard enough that the mirror shook a little, but not hard enough for it to break.
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