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G 105 Isabel Guerra - Start

Isabel’s eyes opened. She squeezed them shut and then opened them again. All she could see was her own hair blocking her vision. She unsteadily pushed herself up into a half- seated position and covered her eyes with her hands. If she could have seen anything, her version would have been blurred and fading in and out of focus. As it was, all she saw was darkness.

Where am I?

In the darkness she had nothing to distract her mind from what she had seen. The image of a boy slicing into a girl from that video flashed vividly in her mind. It seemed to play back in clearer, brighter color than she had originally seen it. Isabel slammed both of her hands onto the floor and retched violently. She didn’t vomit; she assumed her stomach was too empty for that to happen.

Her eyes began to adjust to the dim light of the room. All she could make out were strange, almost silvery surfaces that seemed to cover the walls. She lifted her head and saw something move. Cold fear drained the blood from her now that she thought someone else was in the room, watching her. She gripped the edge of her white sleeves that extended far past her hands.

He said…we have to kill each other. That man. Danya. Survival of the fittest.

Isabel got up onto her hands and knees. A few feet away she could see a lump that she assumed was her bag. Carefully she crawled over to the shape in the dark. She leaned forward, glad to finally have her pack. However when she finally reached out to grab the bag her fingers smashed against a cold, hard surface. The shock threw her off balance and she fell forward. A hollow BANG rang out in the darkened room as her head crashed against the mirror. If her head wasn’t throbbing before, it was certainly spinning now. She groaned and slipped down the mirror, cheek to cheek with her equally dizzy reflection.
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