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((Ciel...did you just refer to Cisco as Cristo? HOMG FOREBODING))

“Okay, we all ready? Everyone have their seatbelts on and know everyone...Great! Let’s rock!”

The car eased away from the curb and began rolling down the suburban streets. So far, so NOT PAINFULLY DEAD. He held his bag close to him, almost like a child cradling their most precious stuffed toy against the monster under the bed.

“Don’t worry. Alex is a bang-up driver. Besides, it’s not like she’s going to go speeding onto the freeway, get cut off by a guy in front, try to turn rapidly to avoid them and flip the car over.”

Cisco gulped, the only visible indicator of his current pattern of thought. He was pretty sure Ethan said that to stoke his fears, because that's exactly what had happened as he imagined that brief moment of utter terror and pain right before death (or permanent full-body paralysis or worse, in a persistent vegetative state which for some reason was eerily appropriate for someone as green as he was) that happened about the time someone's spinal column tore up into the brainstem from a collision like that.

At that moment he was thankful he'd already gone to the bathroom before he left. He could feel his hand shaking even as he squeezed the seat belt into the buckle between his and Jessica's legs.

And speaking of Jessica... "W-What about you?"

"Me? I'm just...hap-p-py to be along for the ride!" he replied, almost psychotically cheerful as he tried to force his fear down.

Not the most appropriate response given his little panic attack, but the first one that came to his head.

“Hey, kid, you alright?” asked Roland. His manners did soothe Cisco just an iota, but the lime-haired kid knew Roland for being quite a stickler for formality. The fact was that he didn't exactly have parental issues...not with his current ones or his biological ones, whom being in a car always seemed to remind him of. Cisco's parents were the sort of lenient type that believed that kids like him weren't always time-bombs to be kept in airtight chambers until the inevitable explosion. With the right guidance, they might even stand a chance at reintegrating back into society. Or at least going out with more of a whimper than a bang.

Not that their guidance wasn't, well, misguided. It took several detentions for him to find a shade for his hair that didn't cause both his parents AND the Principal to go into convulsions.

After some hesitation, Cisco finally answered, "Yeah...I'm fine. I just...don't like being trapped in a car for too long," forcing a kind smile through the fear as he did.

Once they got to the lake, it'd be a nice, wide-open swath of nature for however long it would last to get him ready for the trip back. And at least then, he'd get a lot of time to relax...
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