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This requires sexplanation.

* The character depicted here suffers from MPD - split personalities. One is incredibly violent, the other calmer and more cynical. The violent one tends to be 'let loose' in stressful situations or fights, as well as occasionally being triggered off at random.

* He, having accidentally killed a man during one of these spates, is currently in a Siberian jail, wherein the warden forces the inmates to compete in wrestling matches for money (much akin to bloodsport).

* In addition to this, the character has been recently suffering from migraines and bleeding from his nose and ears, and has been seeking treatment, which can only come from outside of the facility.

* The title he is competing for has a clause attached which allows the holder to get day passes outside of the prison, so long as they return for their matches. He recently held this title but lost it due to a 24/7 rule (a stipulation meaning he can be pinned at any time and lose the title)

* He's coming up to a match with El Mundo (the title holder) and the Crimson Shadow (a second challenger). After this match, the facility is closing for good.

* The backstage interviewer character is incorrectly called Belov when he should really be Belova because she's a woman. That was a gaffe on the part of the guy who created her originally.

* Also, the deal with the three quotes at the beginning - traditional in this guy's pieces I would do a series of quotes, one somebody speaking of him, one somebody speaking of his condition and one from the man himself. You can see an obvious difference,

Spoilered for huge length.

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