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Just a little place for me to show off whatever random writing excerpts I feel like flaunting. Here isn't the only place I RP, so I figured you might like to see some of the stuff I've done elsewhere.

Feedback entirely welcome.

This is the profile of a character for a superhero RP I finished writing just today. Looking at her... I'm tempted to steal her for a original story I had in the works.

Well, anyways, here you go.

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Anayama, Keiko

it's the look of a killer, a madman, ye better watch her closely
ALIAS: Cleanse
GENDER: Female
Chiaki Kuriyama
the human mind is amazing in its natural evil, this one's no exception
  • Calculating
  • Methodical
  • Callous
  • Fanatic
  • Resentful
  • Racist
  • Self-Loathing

    PERSONALITY: Keiko is a very cool and calm woman, going about her business with an attitude that is both professional and efficient. She tries not to let emotions cloud her judgement and whilst mostly successful in combat situations, in ordinary social interactions Keiko can be highly-strung, stubborn and somewhat irrational - a clear indication that she much prefers working by herself. In spite of this, if forced to work alongside another, Keiko will remain a consummate professional. Notably, however, if her status as a mutant is mocked or occasionally even raised, Keiko is liable to lose her temper, which usually serves only to make her more dangerous.

    Cold-blooded, Keiko has no qualms with attempting to kill any and every superhuman (especially mutants), no matter who they are, their age or whether or not they've done anything to her personally. She tries to avoid harming bystanders, but wouldn't shed any tears for collateral damage and would have no problem with gunning down somebody who tried to obstruct her. Although capable of improvising on the fly, Keiko much prefers a patient, logical approach to her killings, preferring to work out the method which will allow her to achieve her goals with the minimum of fuss.

    All the same, Keiko is not a machine and she does have genuine feelings, although you'd be hard pushed to get her to reveal them. On occasion her unfeeling facade may crack a little, revealing an insecure, vulnerable woman who hates what she is and has deep seated issues with it. However, it's unlikely dealing with those in any other way than she currently chooses is going to appear on her agenda anytime soon.

    MENTAL NOTES: Keiko tries to keep her own mutant status under wraps, avoiding revealing it to anybody unless absolutely necessary, especially her telepathy, which she hides even from those who are aware of her other superhuman traits. Keiko also refuses to allow anyone to know more than essential details about herself and her past.
history's our only way of knowing what a woman might do again
AGE: 24
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Keiko's homebase is New York City, but she spends most of her time on the move.
BASIC HISTORY: Born and raised in the USA, Keiko showed no signs of being any different from any other young girl throughout her early childhood. She played, she learned and she befriended, just as all average people do. Her family life was healthy, with her parents doting upon her and both bringing in a steady enough income to ensure a comfortable environment for Keiko to grow up in. In short, prior to her teenage years, Keiko's life was no different from that of any only child in a middle class family.

When Keiko hit puberty, however, things started to become rather more complicated. It was at this time that Keiko's mutant abilities began to manifest, a change which for Keiko most assuredly was not for the better. Development of her superhuman talents came slowly, but consistently, never stalling or spurting. As such things do, it started small; hearing a conversation on the other side of the room with clarity, smelling smoke on another's clothes from a distance away, getting that much better at dribbling the ball in soccer. Indeed, it stayed small for some time, the enhancements taking place over a matter of years rather than days or months. Keiko soon became acutely aware of the changes, but not precisely what was happening.

Steadily, her abilities became more powerful, a march throughout Keiko's teenage years. Whispers became audible, tiny details came into sharp focus, her reactions grew faster... and things started to hurt. A scratch would make her cry out, a headache was agonising, a gashed leg in soccer caused her to outright collapse. By the time Keiko was 16, she, her parents and a large proportion of the people she knew were aware that there was something abnormal about her. It didn't take long for a verdict to be drawn. Superhuman abilities? Emergence in puberty? Keiko was a mutant.

And how she hated that fact. Already beginning to get ostracised by her peers, this only continued as she grew older and her powers grew more and more pronounced. Keiko loathed them for this, wishing more than anything that she could just go back to being ordinary with her friends and her sporting passions (Keiko had at this stage been banned from competing, as allowing an abhuman to do so was considered unfair on the others). At this, the worst possible time, her telepathic powers decided to emerge from latency. All of a sudden, Keiko couldn't only hear what people were saying, she could hear what they were thinking. The thoughts regarding her... were often far from pleasant.






Worst of all, these thoughts were not only limited to her peers. More than once, Keiko 'heard' one or the other of her parents wondering why their daughter couldn't have just been ordinary rather than abnormal, that they wanted things to be back the way they were before Keiko became what she was. After a tormenting, traumatising week, Keiko finally figured out how to 'turn off' her telepathy (and has barely touched it to date), but the damage had already been done. Everyone believed that she was an unnatural freak, and before long, Keiko came to share this view.

At the age of 19, Keiko's parents sent her to therapy with other young mutants struggling to come to terms with their nature, with minimal usefulness. Keiko's view of abhumans, including herself, was already sealed in stone. Their talents weren't gifts, they were affronts to the natural order of things. It didn't take long before Keiko was kicked out of that particular group for disrupting the sessions and causing fellow group members distress with her profoundly racist outlook towards mutants.

It was when she was 20 that Keiko finally snapped. It was really just an innocuous remark, not intended offensively but perhaps a little tactless, which proved to be the trigger. Her mother asked her if she was thinking about employment and that she 'Was sure there are jobs for mutants out there'. 8 years of being excluded, frustration and hatred simply exploded. In her rage, Keiko murdered both of her parents with her bare hands and upon calming down... didn't feel the barest hint of regret. The blood of her mother and father was on her hands and yet guilt didn't trouble her.

That was the night that Keiko discovered her calling.

Keiko began to offer her powers to others by working as a mercenary, taking up jobs with anybody that would pay and not caring a whit exactly what the tasks involved. Although to begin with she lacked skill in combat, Keiko was a quick learner and could compensate for her deficiencies with her abilities. After a number of years doing this, Keiko had gained enough resources and developed enough skill to strike out on her own, becoming a hitman for hire as well as a sellsword (or rather, gun). However, in addition to her paid work, Keiko began to act on the last (and ongoing) stage of her plan.

The first step had been to learn how to fight, honing her skills with firearms, in hand-to-hand and in exploiting her powers. The second was to obtain the money and resources she needed. The third... was to attempt to eradicate mutants and other superhumans. Keiko was far from stupid, she knew that superpowered individuals didn't go down easily and didn't attack on the spur of the moment. Her strikes against other mutants were pre-mediated, tailored to give her the best possible chance of success and her target the very minimal chance of surviving.

Keiko hasn't looked back since.

nothing gets the word around like a poorly written newspaper

Superhuman Senses: Sight, Hearing, Smell, Touch, Taste - You name it and for Keiko, it's considerably enhanced. Keiko can pick up a whisper or a footstep at quite some distance, increasing if she is actively concentrating on listening. She can detect minute details of an object or person from a spot-check and can see much further than the range of an ordinary human. Furthermore, Keiko's sense of smell allows her extensive capabilities to track or detect others via scent.

Superhuman Agility/Reflexes: Although in terms of direct speed, i.e. running, Keiko is no better than your normal human, she possesses an uncanny ability to dodge and evade a majority of what might be thrown at her - for example Keiko would be able to weave through a crowd, or avoid punches with ease. That said, Keiko is unable to avoid extremely fast things without sheer luck, although her ability to quickly react to stimulus means that she would have a better chance than a normal person.

Hyperflexibility: Keiko's skeleton is able to contort and bend in ways the human body was never meant to be capable of with minimal discomfort, allowing her a much larger range of movement (as well as further increasing her ability to evade attacks). She's far from made of rubber, however, and can't twist or bend too far or for too long without hurting herself, just as a ordinary person would.

Telepathy: Keiko holds untapped potential in this area, as it is the only element of her powers which is voluntary and as such the only one that she can actively refuse to make use of. Keiko figured out how to 'switch off' her telepathic abilities not long after their manifestation and they lie almost entirely dormant, as she is loath to utilise her mutant powers any more than necessary. Unbeknowst to Keiko, they have the passive effect of muting (to an extent) the sensory overload which would result were she left unprotected from the full potential of her enhanced senses.

Combat Training: Keiko is proficient with firearms and in hand-to-hand fighting, although she has a preference for the former in the fight. All the same, against very strong, fast, or durable opponents, these skills are of rather limited use.

Specialist Equipment: Every gun which Keiko uses has been modified in order to suit her purposes. However, without exception, all the firearms which Keiko owns have had one very specific customisation - they are as silenced as is technologically possible. This is due to the fact that were she to use ordinary, unmuffled weapons, Keiko would be likely to deafen and/or hurt herself with the noise of the gunshots.


Hypersensitivity: This is Keiko's biggest and most debilitating weakness and is a direct consequence of her own powers. Her enhanced senses mean that even quite minor hurts and ills (for example a small scrape or a cold) are keenly felt and can be extremely painful. More major injuries can cause Keiko to lose consciousness or go into shock through an overload of her senses. Similarly extremes of any stimulus, such as very bright lights, loud noises or especially pungent smells can have a serious effect on Keiko, possibly disorientating her, probably paining her and again having a chance of causing her to faint. Needless to say in a combat situation this is a considerable liability and why Keiko attempts to avoid being hurt at all costs.

Mental Weakness: Related to her hypersensitivity, should Keiko be subjected to a mental attack (or potentially even a probe) of any kind, it is very likely to cause her passive 'shielding' of her enhanced senses to drop, resulting in a complete sensory overload and almost certainly knocking Keiko out for the count.

Shunning of Telepathy: Keiko absolutely despises the thought of using her telepathic abilities and is extremely reluctant to do so, often looking for any other options than to utilise them - frequently in situations where they would be far the best solution to the problem at hand and ultimately just making things a lot more difficult for Keiko. Her insistence on their use as only an utter last resort means Keiko hampers her own effectiveness considerably.

Sickness: Again related to hypersensitivity, every time Keiko gets ill she is sure to have an utterly miserable time of it due to the fact that her body makes her acutely aware of every ailment she is suffering from. This can result in something like a cold or headache being utterly crippling.

Crowds: They are more or less the embodiment of sensory overload. The myriad of different voices and multitude of smells amongst a large crowd will almost invariably, if she walks into one unprepared, cause Keiko to develop a massive migraine. At the very least, should she be attempting to use her enhanced senses, a crowd will distract her from the task or even force her to give it up entirely.

Bigoted: Keiko holds a strong hatred for any and all mutants, something which extends to anybody with superhuman powers or any aliens. In practice, this means that Keiko can't stand cooperating with other abhumans and would only do so if she saw a distinct advantage (e.g. being able to kill or injure more mutants that she would on her own) in it and even so, would be looking for the best opportunity to murder her allies the entire time. A team player, Keiko is not.

Routine. Routine was dangerous. You fell into a comfortable pattern, into complacency. You forgot to look into the shadows and the corners, because they became familiar to you, lost their threat. Until the day that the boogieman and nightmares you feared the very first time you travelled this path were there after all.

Perhaps that was an unfair expectation from Keiko Anayama of the man whose death was imminent and growing closer by the second. Marcus Cadre had no reason to suspect anybody wanted him dead. He was just the amicable bouncer of a popular downtown club. And a mutant. Out late one night, Keiko had picked up the sounds of raised voices. At first, she hadn't really paid much attention - it had just sounded like your typical nightclub fracas; The bouncer wanted a couple of rowdy party-goers to leave, whilst they rather objected to this request. But then, something had piqued her interest. A calm voice had said 'It's time to move along, gentlemen'... and the argument had ended just like that.

Keiko had wondered exactly what could diffuse such a intense disagreement with such ease. Either the man that had spoken was built like a mountain, or he had some kind of ability to influence others... She'd resolved to find out, because if the latter was correct, a fresh target had just appeared on her radar.

It took Keiko a few days to locate the nightclub in question and around another week before she finally gained proof of her suspicions. In that time she identified the man who had ended the argument (via his voice) as, of course, Marcus Cadre, one of a team of bouncers that worked shifts at the club. It hadn't been a fun experience, with the loud music really doing a number on Keiko's head and resulting in numerous headaches, but at last... a breakthrough was made.

A fight had broken out over some triviality, Keiko had observed Cadre's behaviour as he attempted to stop the brawl. First he had tried to separate them physically, but when that had failed... in the same tones as that voice on the air all those nights back, he had said 'Let's just cool off a little, shall we?' and... the two of them had. No doubt about it, Marcus Cadre was a mutant, probably a telepath of some description. How powerful, Keiko couldn't say, as he wasn't exactly flaunting his powers. But for her? Well... he was a mutant. That made him fair game.

Keiko had spent another week figuring out Cadre's schedule. When his shifts ended, when he left the club and in what direction as well as which exit he took. Once she was sure of where he'd be and when, Keiko acted.

Bringing her to the present moment.

Keiko Anayama stood in a dark alleyway, into one wall of which was set a door - the back entrance to the nightclub. The staff entrance. Both of Keiko's hands were in her coat pockets, her left gently caressing the grip of a pistol nestled there. She had arrived there early, a contingency unless Cadre had managed to wrangle a shortened shift from his employer. Keiko didn't want to turn up only to find her target was already gone. Keiko looked the alleyway up and down and smiled to herself. This was really an ideal location. Secluded from the main street, dark, unlikely for anyone else to stumble upon...

Cadre wasn't going to stand a chance.

Keiko waited patiently for a little while longer then checked her watch. 12:05 AM. Cadre's shift should have just finished, which meant that any second now... The door opened and out stepped Cadre. A large man, he stood at around 6ft 3" with a muscular build. His frame might have been intimidating were it not worn by a person with such a ready smile and open, honest, face. Keiko had had a lot of time to watch this man over the time she had been planning this. She knew him well.

The bouncer shut the door behind him, not seeing Keiko in the shadows and starting a little when she stepped out of them right in his path. Cadre was momentarily taken aback, but then he flashed that disarming smile, seeming quite genuine.

"I'm sorry miss, you startled me. Uh, can I help you?"

Keiko nodded, clenching her gun tight. "Yes, yes you can. You can die, aberration."

The pistol came out of the pocket in one smooth motion and Keiko shot Cadre in the head from point blank range. The smile didn't even have time to fade from his face before he pitched over backwards, dead. Keiko looked down at her victim for a few moments then gave a very slight grin.

Returning her gun to its spot in her coat, Keiko turned on her heel and made herself scarce. By her calculations, one of Cadre's fellow bouncers wouldn't be along to discover him for another three hours. By then, Keiko intended to be long gone.

One less freak for the world to handle...
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