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The process of adoption works as follows:

* The character will be named in this area as eligible.
* Handlers submit 'bids' for the character for up to a week afterwards. (Post indicating their interest)
* If there are no 'bids', the character is killed off in an inactive death.
* If there is one bid, the character goes to that handler.
* If there are multiple bids, the handler which gets the character is determined by the priority list. (more on this later)
* Exception: The staff team reserve the right to ask every person who submits a 'bid' to go through a 'screening', whereupon they must PM a member of staff a sample post with the character they are adopting.

There are a number of conditions a character must meet to be available for adoption, these are the following:

* The character has not been posted with for two weeks.
* The handler of said character has not posted in 'away' or otherwise indicated they are going to be unable to post.
* The character in question has not been significantly involved in the game (i.e. has only had one thread, didn't debut, had limited to no interaction)
* The character has not been previously adopted.
* It is not late on in the game (i.e. beyond the first couple of days)

The Priority list. Those making 'bids' for a character will be ranked in a hierarchy determined by this list.

1. Returning members who did not submit any characters for the current version and would like to participate.
2. Newbies who didn't get a chance to take part - but have at least been around for a bit, for example on the non-RPing boards or chatzy, who pass a screening test.
3. Handlers who were in the game, but all of their characters are dead.
4. Newbies who didn't get a chance to take part but are brand spanking new and pass a screening test.
5. Handlers who are currently in the game, with one character.
6. * " " with two characters.
7. * " " with three characters.
8. Previously inactivity warned handlers, with no characters.

Note that having ALWAYS had three characters is considered higher priority than somebody who previously had four and has subsequently had one die.

There are certain circumstances under which handlers will be ineligible for adopting, these are as follows:

* If they have had a character go inactive in the current version.
* If they have ever had a character be put up for adoption.
* If they have adopted a character in the version already.
* If they have adopted a character in the past and treated them badly (using them as fodder, not attempting to play them properly, etc).

* If a handler wishes to pass a character to their friend, this will be allowed in any circumstances other than if it would take the beneficiary over their personal character limit. They will NOT be prevented for this type of adoption if they have adopted previously. However, if they have adopted through this method, they are NOT allowed to then proceed to adopt another character through the system.
* If a pregame character is 'donated' before the beginning of the actual game, this neither disqualifies the giver from adopting, or prevents the recipient using the system, as it has taken place before the game was in progress.
* Similarly, 'donations' of characters do not disqualify the givers from adopting through the system, as this indicates that they are responsible enough to ensure their characters are not merely going inactive.
* If a handler has previously been inactivity warned in a version, but had only that singular lapse and now has no characters remaining, they will be considered eligible to submit bids, albeit at lowest priority.
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