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Viewing Single Post From: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Mafia Game Thread
MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Attention everybody, this is the President of the United States speaking

I would like for you all to know how hard this is for me. I am not a man who operates on bias. My heart and actions are unclouded. They are all those of 'Justice', and this justice is what the town as wrought for themselves today.

Despite her best efforts to explain herself,
Lisa Lisa had brought to herself too much suspicion. After all, how can somebody be so attractive for so many years without aging? How can somebody be so strong and so plot-relevant yet have a vagina in a shonen anime, and they don't even function as a love interest? No no no, nothing was adding up at all. For that reason, everybody decided something was untoward about Lisa Lisa, so they all managed to string her up, leaving her breathless and unable to use hamon, until she finally perished.

Hardly anybody noticed the red stone fall from Lisa Lisa's pocket.

Fewer people noticed Kars pick it up.

Kars picked up the Red Stone of Aja and revealed a sinister stone mask. Before people could turn around from their grisly deed, it was far too late. He implanted the stone in the mask and stepped out of the shade of the tree, into the light...

"Finally... I have finally tamed the sun!"

Zetsumodernista - Lisa Lisa, the watcher

Murderweasel - Kars, the lyncher has transformed into Kars, the Ultimate Lifeform!

Day 1 has ended, and Night 1 will now begin, and will last for 72 hours. As usual, please send any and all night actions to me through board PM. Late actions will not be accepted.

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V6 Tributes

Spoilers, Ricky didn't win V5

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