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maybe if you're lucky the random avatar will sync up to the character you're reading right now
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My Recappy Deliah Review. Trigger Warning - Miscarriage

So… that’s it. I’m out of the read-a-thon now. Of course I’m absolutely free to take anyone else's characters if you don’t want to take them anymore but for now, I’m free! Final rankings for the V2 characters I read are:

Laura Diesen (C Tier - Characters I like, but have major flaws marring their story) > Deliah Dollop (D+ Tier - Characters who could have been good, but who I feel squandered or didn’t live up to their potential) > Jaime Dibenidetti (D- Tier - The Apathy Zone) > Walter Smith (E Tier - Characters I Dislike) > Stephanie Crew (E Tier)

But other than that…

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Coming to a V7 near you!
The Past

Hi! I have a blog! Please check it out and follow and stuff!

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