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Johnny "Mordread" Lamika is the Josh Goodman of V1, in that he's a clever child killer in his backstory who somehow escapes detection despite seemingly having the intelligence of cement once you see him in action. I don't even want to go into his backstory too much, other than to say that his first kill was at AGE FREAKIN' SEVEN! Or maybe earlier, because that's the first age mentioned. Riiiight.

I guess I can see the inspiration, because he apparently thinks he's a "shingami". And no, I'm not misspelling that.
~Pretty little kittens...all waiting for Shingami to show them to the afterlife~

(OOC: Shingami=God of Death)


Unfortunately for those reading, his weapon of choice was a set of fishhooks, which he immediately puts to use against Callum Hadley, who you might know as the guy with the imaginary friends. Mordread approaches him with the same stupid "kitty" monologue, in a manner that suggests that we're supposed to take this character seriously.
Dread silently emerged from his hiding place and approached the figure crouched on the ground, fishhooks hidden in the palm of his hand he silently moved, almost seeming to float across the ground.

That's the entire post, by the way. He throws his fishhooks at Callum, somehow catching him in the eyes, and Callum asks why he's doing this, to which he responds, you guessed it, by saying he's "the Shingami, kitten." Cripes, this guy is a broken record. Every post from him is kitty this, kitty that, and it's really friggin' annoying. Also, he rips out Callum's tongue, I guess, but frankly, I'm two threads in, and I'm already beyond caring about this character.

Then he gets inactive killed by Adam Dodd, and good riddance. But not before Dodd gets almost violated once again. Dodd, if you're reading this, I would really love an explanation for why you liked to write people sexually assaulting your character. It's really odd how often it keeps coming up. It's not like Mordread was such a compelling and lovable character that you needed to add more villainy to him. I think we would have just given you a pass.

Whatever the case, I could really use a palate cleanser after that hot garbage, so please, keep them coming!
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