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Lucinda Garnett is a little unusual in terms of characteristics because she starts her game in a oneshot deathpost. Not dying, mind you, but being the one who kills a guy. I think the clue is in the date that she starts, which is three months from the time when Adam Dodd starts culling inactive characters. Based on that, what we can assume is that Lucinda was written in order to add more characters to the island which was rapidly being depopulated. Fortunately, there's another character just nearby called Hannah Juett who she can do the belated starting character talking points with, and as the two of them reflect on that guy who's dead in front of them, they agree to form an alliance, just in time to run into Adam Dodd, who's songposting to himself. And sure enough, she starts joining in the songposting, and my eyes just glaze over immediately.

I'll put it right out there, I can't stand posts that throw in song lyrics to make you identify with the character's feelings. Writing is a visual medium, not an auditory one, and therefore the mood should be set with clever descriptions, actions, and details. The more I have to skim over meaningless filler, the less invested I am with the story. Fortunately, once the introductions are over with, so are the songs, and Lucinda and Adam can reflect on the horrible nature of the game in peace. To Dodd's credit, he's beginning to ask himself if what he's doing is right. This is before he starts shooting people in the head for swinging bags of sawdust at him, but at least the question is there. Lucinda responds as a comforter, but in a really long-winded fashion that's kinda hard to read. To whit:
Smiling brightly for the first time since she had arrived on this place, Lucinda reached up placing a hand on Adam's shoulder in a comforting manner. "Let me tell you something though, Mama used to always tell me when I was little that I have nothing to fear in life because not only was I protected here, my loved ones that had passed on before me where always around to protect me from harm's way as well. Adam I believe this is true in all of us, if you continue to trust and love your friends even though they're gone, they'll protect you...

You're friends loved you in life, they love you now too I bet. And because they're your friends, they probably understand better than anyone what's going through your head. Though they've passed on, truly though they continue to live on." At this point, her hand dropped, she using a finger to lightly poke at an area of his chest right over his heart. "They continue to live on right there, in meeting those people alone you took a part of them into yourself. Becoming friends made that even stronger, and that little piece of them will always be there.

Be it their laughter, their sorrow, their anger, their love or everything in between, it's all right in your heart now. And unless you let them die in there, they're really not dead at all...

I think I'm going to be sick. I mean, I LIKE positive characters who try to be inspirational, and even I'm bothered by how sugary that is.

Next thread, she's all alone and she just rests and then re-gathers her gear, so let's move on. The next thread adds more than enough details to make up for it. Enough details, in fact, for one post to fill an entire page. If indeed it is true that brevity is the soul of wit, then this delivery is dead on arrival. By the time she's finished thinking about what's going on, taking in the scenery, and all that, I don't even have the ability to process that something important is happening in this post. She discovers the body of a boy named Ryan, one who she'd been looking for all game, and this makes her distraught and determined to win the game at all costs. There's also a conversation with Cody Jenson and Adam Dodd happening nearby, which she spectates but doesn't do anything about until the thread ends. Good stuff.

Her appearance might be hard to find at the warehouse massacre thread, since riseruga never mentioned her arriving in the usual format and she disappears in the same post. Having apparently settled on the murder plan, she's got knives from her first kill and she's ready to start stabbing. Not very successfully, as her attempt to kill another of riseruga's characters gets part of her face blown off, and she delivers a non-fatal throat cut and a non-fatal stab to the back, non-fatal enough for this guy to survive several more pages, in fact. Her transformation from survivor to player doesn't quite work for me, and I can't sympathize with her next thread where she's sobbing over the fact that she got her face shot trying to kill someone. I mean, I get that it hurts, but it's like lamenting the fact that you cut your knuckles punching someone in the face. She meets up with a couple people in a conversation slightly dripping with menace, and nothing happens.

But don't worry, that's just because Lucinda's handler was saving the real excitement for what's coming up next. It starts out normally enough. She enters a house, has a tense standoff with Steven Hyde, and then is interrupted by the arrival of Jeremy Torres. After she casually fires off a shot into his shoulder, Lucinda and Jeremy do what comes naturally in this sort of situation: jump into a couple of nearby parked cars (that nobody noticed before apparently) and have a giant car chase.

Yes, a car chase. Steven is so unprepared for the awesomeness to come that he's standing gormlessly outside and gets promptly steamrolled, Mad Max style. Naturally, neither participant spares any expense in making this sequence (sprawling over several threads) into the most ridiculous display ever. We're talking spontaneous seat adjustments to dodge shotgun blasts, turning donuts, blaring the radio at each other, crashes, mid-chase banter, and a giant flaming wreck at the end. Unable to escape her burning car, and trapped inside a danger zone, Lucinda's neck goes kablooey shortly before Jeremy's, putting them both in the top ten. And to be honest, that death was so much better than Cody's, it's hard to express it. THAT'S what a dramatic denouement looks like. It doesn't even matter that she had a really wordy and kind of "eh" beginning. Everything that happened in that chase made Lucinda one of my absolute favorite characters to read in V1, well deserving of her spot.

I'll take another, please.
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