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Question: Do you see yourself ever getting married one day? If so, what would your married life be like?

Sierra: Well I would like to get married to some day, especially with someone who really loves me for who I am. Guy or a girl, doesn't matter. As for what it'd be like? I have no clue, but hopefully it isn't like those married couples where we hardly see each other because one works during the day and the other has a night shift job or something and our days off are never in-sync, and maybe once a week we go on a date or have sex just to try and justify our continuing relationship with one another. So, yeah, hopefully nothing like that. Oh, I'm fucking never having kids, did I mention that?

Lucas: Assuming I can keep a girl around long enough to get married to them? Sure! I don't want to be a bachelor forever! I'd like people to think I can commit to a relationship and not have it fall apart on me! I want a great goddamn marriage to a beautiful woman who can talk to me intelligently about movies and art! We'd talk about that shit all the time! And we'd be somebodies! Me, a famous movie director, and her, maybe an actress or a producer or a singer, something! When we walk down the red carpet together arm in arm, people are gonna be whispering our names in reverent tones! Also sex. Lots of it! The kinkier the better! Maybe kids down the line as well, but I'm not married to that idea.

Question: The real world is now a musical, you get a musical number, what song do you sing?
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