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Question: Do you have any extended family living nearby? How often do you visit then?

Ned: My grandparents, on my dad's side, live in Nashville. Also, I have an uncle and aunt on my mom's side that live in Knoxville. My family and I often visit them during the holidays and over the summer. My grandfather worked as a banker, so I guess my dad learned everything he knows from him. My uncle is a huge country music buff and he dabbles with the guitar. He's not bad, I guess, but I don't listen to country music very often.

Yuki: Most of our relatives live in Japan. My grandparents live in Tokyo, so it's incredibly rare to see them. What's even more rare is them coming to America to see us.

Zach: I have a bunch of relatives in Atlanta. My family and I make trips to see them over Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Question: Where do you usually like to hang out when not in school?

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