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Here’s a doc I made containing my live thoughts as I went through Stephanie. Feel free to see my total confusion first hand.

So… Stephanie isn’t really a good character. At all. Although it looks from her initial one-shot that she’s going to be some decent (if… one note, there wasn’t really a lot of depth as to how she was being portrayed) manipulator type, subsequent threads essentially throw that and any sense of consistency out the window as she keeps suddenly changing between “person who wants to manipulate the competition so she can win,” “insane psycho who randomly rushes at and attacks people,” and “deeply remorseful person who just wants to die” with no real reason as to when and why these switches happen, sometimes changing and then declaring that those changes are a lie as a way of manipulating herself multiple times within the same post. I could buy and even possibly like this idea if there was an explanation as to why Stephanie keeps doing this, but the reader never really does get an answer for why Stephanie acts this way, and her death scene - particularly the reasons as to why she suddenly kills herself - just ended up leaving me totally confused as to why Stephanie did that, and as to why overall Stephanie seemingly had no consistency to her character.

It looks like I’m out of the read-a-thon with this one, although if anyone thinks that they’re not going to read their kid then they can give them to me. I’m fine with adding more onto my plate.
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