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Death By Truth
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(Revised from this post which was written 9 months ago)

8-Riley Parker (TV2)-Mostly out of disappointment, I had a ton of thoughts but they got all jumbled and never felt like a person that remained consistent from one scene to another.

7-Nina Clarke (V5)-Had a good start and end point, but 100% filler in between with nonsensical decisions and way too much padding.

6-Theodore Fletcher (V5)-First character but had some good stuff to glean from. Those interpretations weren't intentional and at face value for me he's just buried under overzealous newbie syndrome.

5-Henry Spencer (V6)-My pregame favorite for V6, had trouble translating his voice to the island. Some good bits but a lot of empty plotlines and never really does anything impactful.

4-Gwen O'Connor (V5)-Had a rough start and end, awful death, but the time between with Group Nap Time felt really good as a stable point. Had a strong thread after Michelle dies and with Kam but nothing else.

3-Lucy Williams (TV2)-My shortest character, but her story was concise and didn't have anything unnecessary. Transition from sandbox could've been better. Had a lot of fluffy sandboxes and one really good one.

2-Alice Baker (V6)-Solid conceptual grasp and executed well. Had a quiet story but good interactions. Lost a bit from slowdown but made the most of her scenes and had decent development over time.

1-Blair Moore (V6)-Very daunting premise but a successful take on a really challenging concept with a different character than I'd worked on before. Not just my longest character but one I felt had a good voice, had a really strong time of character growth, great interactions with her original allies and overall my best work in spite of some fairly notable flaws.

From worst to best descending. Obviously my opinion which means it's totally wrong.
V5: Cut Short

V6: Broken Down

V7: Unprepared
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