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Definitely didn't forget about this, no siree.

I was GONNA comment that Hannah Juett's profile was super refreshingly normal, but then right at the end she walks in on her boyfriend's dead body after he commits suicide. Her profile specifically states that "she vowed never to let anyone she knew die unsaved again" ('unsaved' referring to Christianity and the afterlife and all that jazz), so in one fell swoop she's been obviously set up as a religious fanatic who could either go around trying to heroically save people because God or go crazy and start trying to off the heathens and sinners because God. Good to know this stereotype has been around for a while!

Her first thread is a oneshot where her handler, the well-known guitarjack87, plays both Hannah and another student Adib Harrabi. Hannah's pack has a gun in it, but when Adib comes in, she's doubtful of his trustworthiness and lies about what weapon she has. She soon begins to trust him more, but accidentally shows the gun when she opens her bag, so Adib freaks out and threatens her and she freaks out back, paranoia builds on itself, you know how it goes. It ends with Hannah shooting him point blank and killing him before running off in horror at her own actions.

I'm honestly pretty into this scene as a starting point. Given how many first threads are just people standing around, asking if other people are playing and trying to make threads, having action right out of the gate is a welcome change of pace. The build-up from Hannah trying to take the pacifistic religious route and avoid conflict to her reluctantly lashing out in self-defense seems natural given the tension of the situation. And while her faith plays a big part in a lot of her inner thoughts and narration, it rarely comes across as over-the-top cheesy or unnatural, just a very religious teenage girl. It is kiiiiiiinda sketch that the one Middle Eastern character I know of in V1 is a one thread-wonder that exists solely as a sacrifice to build up another person's story, buuuuuuut that's another discussion. Overall a strong scene!

Her next thread is much more mundane, a lot like the 'usual first thread' I just mentioned, as she runs into Lucinda Garrett and teams up with her after they confirm they can trust each other. Not too much to talk about, but I do like how Hannah's paranoia comes through in certain spots, bursting out into awkward and off-putting laughter at one point and making nervous jokes about her gun. There isn't a whole novel dwelling on the fact that she just killed a guy, but the feelings are obviously there, just in the process of being shoved into the back of her mind as much as she can. It gives this sense that she *might* go all psycho murderer later on, but if she does it will seem more set up and natural while also not committing to the idea too early on. More good writing, woah~

They head off and run into A D A M D O D D and also Amanda and stuff, who seem to be having a distressed moment. Lucinda kinda goes in and gets things all started up, so Hannah comes in half a page after cause she was 'lagging behind' and doing a bit of silent crying and all that. Aaaaand then she disappears again, only showing up for one last post right at the end of the thread. And what proceeds it is a whole lot of Lucinda monologuing and Dodd being introspective and shiz, so she doesn't have much to come back in on. NOW is when she starts being more explicit about 'oh no i killed a dude' internally, which honestly is kind of a disappointment given how well the under-the-surface writing was going. The jump in inactivity for her just kinda put her in a rough spot.

Just a random thought, but it's definitely some generational whiplash hearing that the game is down to just 40 players in a character's 3rd thread. V1 was a crazy time.

Hannah's final thread has come up, and she's been shuffled off to another handler entirely, and according to the wiki it was a new person that was allowed to slip in under the cap by adopting Hannah. What a novel idea! The new handler's writing is... well, it's alright. There's nothing super off or jarring about it, but Hannah seems kinda basic and one note, just a scared girl with a gun who doesn't want to shoot and just wants to help, but ~what if~... it's a bit of a drag with how much I was enjoying her before. Hannah is now also thinking about Kurt, her dead boyfriend, like every other line. It does bring to attention how surprisingly little guitarjack actually brought up such a big event in her life before now, but it's waaaaaay too far in the other direction. She's got no real drive or motivation now other than making ~Kurt~ proud, so nice female character writing there.

Hannah's not with Lucinda anymore thanks to the time-honored SOTF tradition of "we got separated ~somehow~", so she arrives at the warehouse where Sidney Crosby and Jack O'Connor and some other people are hanging out and biding their time. After doing the 'scared girl with gun' thing for a while she joins their shaky alliance and helps out with her first aid kit, only for the peace to be broken when the announcements come on and everyone finds out that Sidney just killed someone. Hannah attempts to play mediator because "NO ONE SHOULD DIE, *silent tears*", but the fight gets broken up due to other matters and the eventual arrival of other people, so Hannah just goes off and... sits around, really. There's a whole lot of action going on and she just kinda... stays out of it, doesn't really react, doesn't do anything of note. It's like the handler got tired of writing her trying to make peace so decided to give up on anything at all. She literally notes that people are leaving the warehouse room to go try and kill other people, and she doesn't do anything about it or react in any way shape or form, just twiddles her thumbs and goes "man all this FIGHTING, I miss Kurt".

Kurt is now my least favorite SOTF character. I am counting him now and I don't like him.

Eventually she goes to climb up the roof but then she hallucinates that KURT is there so she goes chasing after KURT but because he's not there she just slips and falls off the roof and she thinks about KURT on the way down and her last line as she crumples in a heap on the ground is "I love you KURT!!"


CONCLUSION: Hannah makes me sad. Her first two threads are definitely enjoyable, her third one basically doesn't involve her, and her last (and by far her longest) thread is essentially "I'm scared and am thinking about Kurt" plastered over like 6 pages. Wasted potential at its finest.


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