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Arsenio Thanodeus is a Greek kid with a dead mom and a fascination with wiccan lore. Sounds like a decent start. Too bad he only has one thread that's actually considered to be canon. We'll unpack that can of worms pretty shortly, but let's start with his four-page intro thread.

Both Arsenio and his new buddy Drew Lynn started before they could get their weapons, so at least we get to skip that part of the island wake-up checklist. Instead the two of them talk and get to know each other a bit better. Arsenio has a pretty severe protective streak, especially when it comes to women, and that'll turn out to be a pretty fatal character trait. But first, it's non-canon time, as the two of them schlep over to the warehouse and are not-so-politely informed that since there's a thread going on already that contradicts the details in their thread, they should close their thread and either integrate with the one in progress or go somewhere else. It's pretty harsh and honestly a bit tactless, but because Arsenio's thread becomes a mess of OOC complaints, that's why its canonicity is in question.

Instead, they just return to their original thread as if they never left it. Of course, Swoosh isn't quite done with being a pest towards the two of them:
((Bearing in mind about 7 people have arrived in the woods since this post died, I'd re-direct this post to that thread if I were you... unless we're just assuming they're in different parts of the woods? Could happen, I guess... OK, ignore me XDD))

Could be worse, I suppose, but if I were in their position, having just been shouted out of a thread, I'd consider that to be not very funny at all. Regardless, noticing that Drew got a gun while all he got was a crowbar, Arsenio suspects that he might not make it to the end of the game. That's rather prescient, because no sooner does a new pair arrive than so does Cody Jenson, dragging along Lyndi. Opening fire on the group because he's Cody Jenson, he lands three good shots on Arsenio, but the big man doesn't quite die yet, since he tries desperately to get a good hit on Cody so the group can make it out. To his credit, he ends up providing the distraction necessary for Lyndi to escape, and the rest of the group follows suit soon after. So while he dies without doing anything to Cody, the fact that he was willing to keep fighting through his wounds for just a little longer was what made the difference in that confrontation.

Arsenio's life on the island was short-lived, but I found it to be a satisfactory story arc. He died a hero and a fighter, and I found nothing to complain about with him. Too bad all that stuff about wicca never made a difference to the story, but you can only do so much in a limited timeframe.

I'd love to do another, if possible.
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