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Question: What is the farthest you have ever traveled away from home, and why?

Alison - “Hmm, the farthest my family usually goes is Utah, but when I was seven or eight we went to Hawaii on summer vacation.”

Nate - “I think the farthest was traveling to the Philippines as a kid to visit relatives. I was super young, so I don’t remember much about it.”

Isra - “France. My sister was studying abroad, and my parents thought it’d be fun to go visit her there.”

Floyd - “I don’t travel much...my family have relatives in the next state over, so that’s about as far as we’ve gone.”

Teddy - “I’ve been over the border to visit one of my dad’s sisters in Vancouver, and that’s really the only time I’ve ever left the country at all.”

Question: Do you have any extended family living nearby? How often do you visit then?

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