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That's Just Crazy Talk
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Kaleigh Jones...where to begin. I guess let's start with her profile. Apparently she's got multiple personalities and has used them to become a versatile model, performing a number of nude shots at the age of 16. I'm reasonably sure there's a law against that, but let's set that aside, since naturally, one of her personalities is a little girl, and the other one is obsessed with sex. Kaleigh herself is just...there, I guess? She doesn't get a description of her personality besides being the "normal" one, whatever that means.

Right, well, first thread is just a oneshot where Kaleigh, "Carly" (the little girl), and "Freya" (the sex-obsessed one) have a giant argument with one another. It's as by-the-numbers as you might expect, so moving right along, the next thread has Carly go to the river and do nothing, before Freya takes over and leaves, since nobody responded for a full week. Finally, Adam Dodd kills the three of them in a Dodd oneshot where he naturally picks the least sympathetic personality and has her become generically villainous so he can justify shooting her in the head. After all, if he actually killed someone who was just trying to survive, then his character would be more ambiguous.

There's nothing to say about Kaleigh. The personalities are just another gimmick character and there's never an opportunity to flesh them out. Kind of a waste of time, really.

Right then, let's do another.
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