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Daisuke Andou is interesting since his story doesn't have much to do with Adam Dodd, but he gets pretty far in the game. I'm interested to see how someone handles not being in Dodd's immensely "heroic" shadow. There's not much to go on with his profile, other than two pertinent details: First, in this game, two classes were actually abducted at once. One from Barry Coleson High, and another from a Tokyo school called Shisei High. This is important to Daisuke's story because it means that he's going to be unfamiliar with a lot of the kids in the game.

Second, Daisuke has a deep-seated sado-masochistic issue. Rather than being a throwaway detail, this will actually be vital to his story. Yeah, I'm as surprised as you are.

Daisuke's dream team gathers almost immediately upon his arrival. Reading ahead, Daisuke, Aiden Ambrose, and Umi Martin are going to be tight buds for a while in this game. And sure enough, their first thread is just the typical "I'm not playing? You playing? No? Cool." sort of stuff. The vital building block of any alliance. Daisuke drops out of the conversation pretty early, probably because the handler was busy when Aiden and Umi were still talking, so in the next thread, it's played up as if he had just zoned out for a while. They're on their way to a location, so they spend the second thread just discussing their weapons and what they bring to the table. Umi is skilled with guns, and Daisuke's forced to confess that he is not, which makes him a bit nervous. And that's the scene.

Reaching the hospital in the next scene, they find it occupied by none other than Hawley Faust. What transpires is actually a fascinating scene, since I'm so used to modern SOTF where hiding is undone by a single character going "Hey, look over there!" Instead, after a genuinely interesting bit of cat and mouse, the cover is blown by Daisuke spontaneously giving in to his character flaw.
A maniac grin lit up Daisuke's face, the adrenaline of the game had awoken his sadistic tendancies, he wanted blood and he wanted it now...

Naturally, this is cured by Umi delivering a sharp slap to the face, but the jig is up. As they flee the scene, Hawley fires a few rounds in their general direction, and Aiden is clipped.

Next scene, it's time to cure their fallen comrade, and I'm not sure if Daisuke's handler intended for Aiden and him to become a couple, but Aiden's handler is definitely leaning in that direction, with a post that can best be described as romantic GMing:
"How do you know so much about survival," Aiden gasped. Dai's hand was squeezing back.

Aiden passes out at this point so Daisuke can explain what it was that happened back there. He's hesitant, of course, out of embarrassment and perhaps a bit of shame, but eventually he opens up about it, and this is a fascinating bit of character development, which must regrettably be interrupted by Gabrielle Minase, who threatens everyone, gets surrounded by people wielding guns, and dies of AIDS. Of course, that's not what happens, since instead the stress causes Daisuke to go sadistic again and he shoots Minase dead. It's a hasty band-aid applied over a bizarre death quote, but at least it helps Daisuke's character a little. This time, a slap doesn't do it, so Umi has to smack him in the back of the head with her gun, and the group has to flee before people get attracted to Daisuke's gunshot.

Next thread, Daisuke starts to consider whether he should separate from the group for everyone else's sake, but Umi convinces him that there's another way, that maybe they could escape and take down the people who brought them there. Joining them for this is Andrew Lipson, who has the one scene here with Umi as I've described before, only to get zap-drop-drowned. This really isn't Andrew's story, so let's focus on Daisuke who interacts with another Shisei student named Kiyoko Asakawa who can only speak Japanese. Daisuke has an advantage here because he can translate to and from Japanese for the benefit of everyone else present or carry on private conversations with Kiyoko that nobody else can pick up on, since they don't know the language. He also carries on his relationship with Aiden, and even gets into the swing of things himself:
"I promise you Aiden, we'll leave together, i'll look out for you" Daisuke smiled at the shorter boy

Will they ever confess their feelings for one another? Well, not in this thread, since Daisuke "spaces out" right before Andrew has his big death scene, only to rejoin the group next thread, when he has to explain to everyone else that Kiyoko took Aiden's weapon because she's scared and doesn't trust them. In particular, the group has attracted the attention of Peri Barclay, so her suspicions are right on the money. Still, Daisuke trusts him enough to be discussing escape attempts, or at least the possibility of one. Nothing particularly concrete and it's obvious they're just making stuff up as they go along. Much like most V1 escape attempts, there's just not enough info to go on yet to formulate a proper plan of attack.

But enough about that, it's time for Aiden to pass out again. Daisuke is so concerned about his fallen comrade that all his handler seems to post is how he's unconcerned with the bullets flying and people dying around him, just so long as he can care for Aiden. And with that, we're basically a hair's breadth away from turning subtext into text. By the time Aiden wakes up, Umi and Kiyoko, along with a few others who showed up, have all left and subsequently died, leaving Daisuke alone with Peri, who suggests that Daisuke should just put a bullet between Aiden's eyes since he's such a burden.
Aiden glared at Peri, almost to weak for words.

"He loves me..."

Aaaaaaaand there we go. Fortunately, Peri decides to give the two of them a pass, so they're able to go on their way just in time to see Sarge get BUSHMURDERED! It always comes back to Daphne somehow. Watching mostly silently as the group deliberates on what to do with Daphne, he's forced to take cover with Aiden when a Slayer murderbot arrives on the scene. Engaging in a brief firefight, the group has to disperse because the place has become a danger zone. The group has a brief breather in the woods during which nothing particularly of note happens with Daisuke, since he just phases out of the scene for what has to be the third time.

At this point, Daisuke's handler seems to be either running out of motivation or just really busy, as Daisuke numbly follows Aiden along and doesn't participate at all in scenes, except for a post every now and then to prevent him from falling into inactive status. Doesn't help though, since he just departs from Aiden and gets oneshot killed by Steven Hyde in a really lame way that doesn't give any room for characterization or cleverness.

So what did I think of Daisuke? Well, no offense, but he didn't end up actually accomplishing much of anything. There was some half-spirited talk of an escape, but effectively, he was just following Aiden around and everything that he did was resolved around being with Aiden and protecting Aiden and so on and so forth. There was just nothing there, and that's disappointing to me. Daisuke ended up just existing in the game and really petered out at the end.

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