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That's Just Crazy Talk
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Shannon McLocke is another one of the terrorists who performed an act so phenomenally stupid that they got themselves volunteered as tributes. While it's Elijah Rice who actually plops his soda can down on the public address button, it's McLocke who distracts him by looking at the fanfiction online, so really, there's plenty of blame to go around. For his part, McLocke is described as a smug jerk with a weird exercise regimen, so of the three, he's probably the least sympathetic, and therefore the most expendable.

Case in point, after the thread that puts the terrorists in play, he's only got two threads to his name, of which the first is a simple oneshot with no dialogue where he stabs Ai Kurosawa in the arm and then slits her throat. Once again, they can't talk, so I wasn't expecting a lot of villain monologues, but this is really minimalist in terms of how he approaches it. I suspect this is because Shannon is being controlled by Kaishi instead of the incredibly longwinded Dodd.

Not to say this thread gets off entirely scot-free. There's always this delightful quip:
The knife left a nasty mark, unleashing a strong spray of blood. This is why the audience is given vomit bags, my dears. SOTF brand plastic and paper bags for all occasions.

Imagine the possibilities for bootleg SOTF merch. You could have replica weapons, action figures, "greatest hits" tapes for the character of your choice...Sure, it'd be in horrible taste, but I can't imagine bootleggers would care much about that.

In his last thread, true to his cocky nature, he walks right up to the alliance of Steven Hyde and Peri Barclay and just dares them to take the first move. This turns out to be a bit of an error, as he's now set upon by three kids at once since Eh-Sun also joins the party. I suppose this is true to his smug and cocky nature, but it doesn't end up doing him any favors. He ends up killing none of them and getting the snot beaten out of him before finally deciding to go out with a bang, setting off his collar right next to a bandolier of grenades which go up in a giant succession of booms. I will say that this fight scene is a great chance for Steven, Peri, and Eh-Sun to show off, since they finally have an opponent who is unambiguously okay to fight. The terrorists are kind of like boss fights where any of the characters can participate and feel 100% justified in doing so, and I wish that there were more occasions like this, since it's definitely cathartic to read.

Let's keep going!
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