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Daphne Rudko is awful and quite possibly some of the worst that V1 has to offer in my opinion. Everything about her two thread arc (Because lbr her first thread is completely pointless) is infuriating to read and honestly just left me wanting to yell at my screen at how stupid both Daphne and the people around her acted. Worst part is I knew she was going to be awful from the start, and even after finishing I still felt disappointed.

Starting with Girls #15-GAME START, the useless thread, we learn that she killed her parents because her dad abused her and some random girl who "Bullied" her. But considering how she randomly kills three people in what she claims to be self defense even though there was no reason for her to murder any of them I'm willing to bet she just panic murdered all three of them over something stupid every single time. She then talks with some boy for like a few posts and then they both just ditch the thread I guess.

Next up in the thread Advent, Daphne runs into Jeremy's group which consisted of himself, Glenn, Marie, Heather, and Fred after the group encounters the body of Gabrielle Minase. When questioning her on if she's the one who killed him, she says "Well I killed my dad and some random girl who bullied me, and my mom who was totally innocent, but I haven't killed anyone yet" and then keeps saying a bunch of shit that would make anyone think she was going to start murdering everyone around her and that they should just end her now. But for SOME REASON they do nothing about the confessed killer even after she slits Marie's throat for the crime of approaching her and trying to be nice. Heather's then all "Okay this bitch is crazy" and leaves the scene by slipping down a hill with everyone just abandoning the thread behind her as they give chase lol. All alone in the thread, Daphne then leaves to go hide in a bush.

That's not even a joke by the way, her stint in the thread arrival literally starts with her hiding in a bush, Eddie LIGHTLY kicking a rock into said bush, and Daphne thinking he's trying to kill him and stabbing him in the throat. Because reasons. Miranda's then all "OH SHIT!" and tries to run away, only for Daphne to brutally stab her to death thinking both kills were in self defense. I'm not even kidding by the way, every time she kills somebody she thinks she's acting in self defense and that everyone is out to get her when in reality she's the one causing her own problems. Nobody's causing Daphne issues but Daphne. None of the people she killed were in any way hostile towards her and two of them were even trying to hatch an escape plan. Which brings me to quite possibly my biggest issue with Daphne, her death.

See, after Daphne killed Miranda, Heather shoots her like three times and Glenn flashbangs her, blinding her for a bit. Glenn then goes inside to finish the job with a 2 by 4 about to kill her and she's all "Lol you're just like me" and he's basically all "You killed my friend and two other people who did nothing to you right in front of me, and you pose a threat to my friends as well. I'm nothing like you" and I'm sitting there rooting for Glenn to kill her ass. Seriously Daphne has caused nothing but pain and suffering to Glenn and those around him, and with him and his group trying to get an escape going. Him killing her would of made sense on both a story and morality level since leaving her alive would of only lead to more people Glenn was trying to save dying and her whole arc directly involved indirectly hurting Glenn. It would of been a great end to an awful character, would of redeemed her story somewhat, and pushed Glenn's forward in intresting ways. But, of course, a bunch of randos have to walk in all "GLENN DON'T DO IT, YOU'LL BE JUST AS BAD AS HER!"

So he doesn't kill her.

Then two seconds later Jason walks in and shoots her dead.

And I'm just sitting here wondering why Glenn couldn't of just gotten the kill when everything was pointing towards him being the best one to do it. I just... Why?

In short, Daphne sucks and you shouldn't read her. End of story

I'll take another character please.
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