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Well, nuts. Cody Jenson has been worming his way through so many of these stories, it's almost intimidating to have to deal with the man himself. Of one thing I am assured, Cody is perhaps the most prolific of characters in the entirety of V1, managing with one character to be a match for Dodd's entire cadre. Does that mean I like him as a character? Oh, heavens, no. But the impact he made on the story is tremendous, and that deserves a long, hard, look.

So without further ado, let's get this over with.

The Man, The Legend, The Motorcycle

Would I recommend Cody Jenson? Maybe? I absolutely hated him. Hated everything about him, but he's an important part of V1's history. Most of what he does is thoroughly skippable after the baton is passed, and I would never recommend Madelaine's death, or anything having to do with Lyndi, or the stuff about his backstory, or...You know what, no, don't read Cody Jenson. Just skip ahead to endgame and forget everything else about him. You'll have saved yourself so much time that way.

Well, roll 'em again. Here's hoping for someone actually fun.
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