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Well, at least now I know why Jimmy Moreland came on so hard with Chi when he met her. The guy's profile lists him as a young playboy, hitting on every girl he meets. Coming at it from his perspective, he seems to be almost a bit pathetic, trying desperately to hit on a girl who's clearly not that interested in him. Then a wild Slayer character appears, and we know how that goes. They fight for a bit, and then they flee. Chi's becoming increasingly erratic and strange, and Jimmy's really not into it. So when she gives him the option, they go their separate ways.

Final thread for Jimmy, he comes across Blaine Eno. Blaine immediately sets off Jimmy's weirdness alarms, but mostly out of that desire to get some allies, he plays along, which turns out to be a tactical error, since Blaine has a nasty case of the crazies. Word to the wise: if someone asks you to give them your hand in this game, chances are they're speaking 100% literally. Panicking, but unable to escape, Jimmy is sectioned off the rest of the way while hallucinating a really bizarre and unusual nightmare. To guitarjack87's credit, even though I have no idea what's going on, at least I remember this death. Can't really say whether or not I'd recommend Jimmy, since he's constantly taking backseat to weird or psychotic characters, playing straight man to their antics. I feel like he was competently written and I felt for him when he was trapped in a room with Blaine, but there just wasn't enough of him to get a real opinion.

Let's keep on going.
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