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When I read Andrew Lipson, it becomes immediately clear to me what role he's supposed to take in the narrative of Adam Dodd. He's got the love interest who serves just as a motivator for revenge, the mentor figure who sacrifices himself for him, and now we have the tragic friend who establishes that Dodd is a caring and compassionate person but is ultimately disposable. As a wheelchair-riding character who was apparently abducted as a separate victim just so handicapped viewers would have someone to root for (I'm not making this up), it's fairly clear right from the start that Dodd has no intention of actually having Andrew make it all the way to the end. Instead, his goal is to milk as much tragedy as he can from a single character in the hopes of creating the forum equivalent of Oscar Bait.

Case in point, he starts out buried in a ditch so he can only struggle and shout for help. He's helped up and into his wheelchair by Umi Martin, and as people file in, he spends most of his time just saying "Hi, I'm Andrew." More and more people show up and are typically confrontational, so he just remarks how weird it is that nobody can get along, and he laments that he isn't good for anything, when that's clearly wrong. He's in a wheelchair, yes, but as long as he has an ally to wheel him around, all he needs is a gun and you've got yourself a mobile artillery platform that looks like a man. The closest we come to a spark of character is that Umi used to know him before the accident that crippled him, and she makes him feel bad about how he's declined since then. He agrees. He friggin' agrees, and right when I'm about to seriously get angry at this character, he gets the call from Adam Dodd...somehow. They make plans to meet up, but it's once again just Dodd talking to himself, and that's when his arm gets burned to a crisp by a bolt of lightning.

Oh right, here's the main thing that Andrew Lipson is known for. He gets struck by lightning which burns one side of his body, his wheelchair shorts out so he rolls off a cliff, he reflects on his life on the way down, lands, shatters a bunch of things but doesn't die, and is left lying broken on the beach, where the tide comes in and he drowns. Rather than doing something dignified or subdued, Dodd just had to go for the whole nine yards of misery, and it doesn't work that way. If you keep layering on tragic thing after tragic thing, there's a diminishing return for each layer. If he'd just had him roll off the cliff and die on impact, that would have been good right there. He had the time for reflection, he had the song number (for what THAT'S worth). End scene right there, and it's fine. Having him survive that just to drown slowly, painfully, and miserably doesn't make you deep or clever. It just makes you a mean spirited jerk.

I would not recommend Andrew Lipson. It's a cheap attempt to shock and elicit sympathy, and you're better off just reading the synopsis on the wiki.

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