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Kouji Ginsenshi is a character who I can't really describe the way I talk about most characters that I have reviewed on the RAT, so bear with me for a moment while I explain my reaction to him.

First off, I will say straight-out that Kouji is not a good character. Far from it, in fact. His biography is absurd, his personality is ridiculous, and his first three posts are absurdly similar to each other barring a few words. As soon as he runs into someone, he tries way too hard to be a ruthless, badass tough guy, but when he fails to follow through, he comes off as an utter buffoon instead. The best case of this would be in his waterfall encounter with Eh-Sun, which ends up looking like a total farce by the end of it. This comes to a head in his final thread, where Scott Jameson is attacking Jeremy Torres with a brick about ten feet away, and Kouji just stands there thinking about soup.

These sort of writing and tonal issues are the kind of thing that I would normally rip into a character for, but I just can't do that with Kouji. For you see, Kouji was the most fun I have had reading any v1 character thus far by a wide margin. He's very bad, but unlike a lot of bad v1 characters who are just bland, uncomfortable, or shock value, Kouji ends up being hilarious. I would go so far to call him the v1 equivalent of The Room. He was just a delight to read, and he really cheered me up after a not-so-great day.

However, there was one thing that I took issue with in Kouji's story. In his final thread, the other handlers were clearly unhappy with his handler. Nevera's handler even went so far as to suggest that Kouji's handler quit the site and let Nevera kill Kouji. After that, all the other characters in the thread teamed up and started attacking Kouji, much to his handler's bafflement. Now, this is something that I was definitely not okay with, and it was really uncomfortable to read. Yes, Kouji's handler was not a good writer, but to go after him in that way was completely uncalled for, and it was very unpleasant to watch.

As Blast said in the chat while I was reading Kouji, a good improv actor will run with someone else's terrible idea and make something great out of it, while a bad improve actor will break character and complain about the other guy's bad idea. That was what happened in Kouji's final thread, and it absolutely should not have come to that. Kouji was by no means the only ridiculous character in v1, and even if he had been, there was no reason for them to go after his handler like that. So it soured his story right at the end. I remember he argument more than Kouji's inactive death, actually.

Also, apparently Kouji came back to life briefly when his handler posted with him again after his death due to a misunderstanding of the rules. Nobody acknowledged him in-character and nothing came of it aside from a brief bit of confusion.

So would I recommend Kouji? The surprising answer is... yes. Absolutely. He's an absolute blast, flaws and all. His story is ridiculous, it makes no sense, and Kouji himself is just a treasure trove of memorable quotes. It's a bit soured by the drama at the end, but I can say with 100% certainty that I do not regret reading him at all.

Another character, if you please.
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