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That's Just Crazy Talk
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Neville Eden is a kid with a Yorkshire accent, which is going to make reading his dialogue a load of fun. Fortunately, he provided a handy translation aid:
the=t’, you=tha/thee, girl=lass

And that's all you need to know, apparently.

His first thread is somewhat different, since he's already awake, just despondent. Apparently the terrorists let him keep his CD player, since he mentions having two CD's to listen to. Now I've had a Sony CD player, and I can say that he's probably going to get a couple days of use out of it, maybe three if he's lucky, but he's only got three more threads, so that shouldn't be an issue.

Next thread, he comes across Ryan Torres having a good cry, so, and I found this actually kind of interesting, he rehearses his friendly approach a few times before going in. This is a fun little detail and it gives Neville a bit more character. You know what also gives someone character?
"Nev' Eden. Are thi two toghether? I just got dropped; an' I ain't keen on shootin' owt. 'Less I have to."

Huh, this must be the advanced course. But in all seriousness, the Yorkishness isn't really that bad. It's not so thick that you can't get the gist of what he's saying, and it's consistent across the board. Offering Ryan their support, he and Clare Shepherd get him back on his feet and they become a steady alliance. None of them appear to be deranged or unstable, so at face value, the team ought to be fine. And indeed, as they take a break by the well and meet their first non-groupie in Dorian Greywood, they seem to have it together. Neville even muses to himself that he'd never be so harsh as to judge someone at face value, which is why he's immediately concerned when he sees the blood on Dorian's shirt, not suspicious.

But enough about that, it's time for Vince Samsa to cover the group in smoke and then unload his gun into the smoke, hitting not a dang thing (but leaving a few nicks). For his part, Neville's handler tries to actually sell this stupid trick, describing the smoke choking him and irritating his eyes. Everyone else is carrying on a conversation just fine and shooting at each other, but Neville? Bless his heart, he's trying to make this work. And props for that. But then Vince makes the error of inserting a lewd comment into his stupid pseudo-philosophical banter, and that's just not cool.

Though he offers to shoot Vince on behalf of Clare, his offer is rebuffed as Clare does the job for him, while taking a few rounds in the process herself and THEN being shot at randomly by a Slayer murderbot. Fortunately, Neville is standing over her, so he shields her body from these rounds, and he offers her a shoulder to get out of this scene while still under heavy fire. But then Peri shows up, and I'm like come on, people! This is the one crowd of decent people I've read, and so everyone's decided it's open season? Give them a freakin' break already!

Fortunately, they're able to get out of there before Peri starts his stupid shenanigans, and Neville enters an incredibly crowded scene, all bloodied and messed-up. But oops, it's a different Slayer murderbot. In true Slayer fashion, it's shoot first, think later, and as the two of them gun each other down in a hail of lead, with Clare assisting, Neville says a few poignant words and dies in Clare's arms. It's well-done and touching, and if it was against someone who wasn't constantly trying to hog the spotlight of every scene, it'd have been that much better.

Fact is, Neville deserved better than this. He was well-written, friendly, kind, and loyal to the end to his team. He got one nice quiet character moment and the rest was nonstop being shot at by pricks. I hate how many guns there were in V1, because everyone and their mothers had it in their heads that they needed to spray every single freakin' emotional scene with lead. I am honestly angry at Slayer for how many scenes he's ruined with his stupid characters and their stupid guns. They added nothing, and destroyed so much, leaving fun characters like Neville with no chance to grow. And there's the real tragedy.

One more please?
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