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You might remember Wednesday Garci as the character who spontaneously became the sole target of Chi Masumi's focus. And indeed, aside from a story of parental abuse, Chi is all there is to Wednesday's profile as well. Let's plot the course of Wednesday's story up until the two of them come together.

As it turns out, Uriel's writing style was not intended to be stylistic. It's just how the handler writes. Well, I'm not doing it again, so let's just proceed as normal. She wakes up on the beach, does the usual pre-game checklist of gathering weapon, flashbacking to Danya's briefing, and pondering her next move, and leaves. She refers to Chi as her sugar pie, which you'll notice any time she talks about her, which is all the time. For whatever reason, Wednesday "snickers" a lot, even when it's kind of inappropriate. For instance:
Chi Masumi. The girl I would die for.
Wednesday lowered her staff and looked at blaine when tears started to flow.
I just hope she’s ok, the girl snickered .

What exactly is funny about that?

So far as her interaction with Blaine goes, it's a case of "Hi, have you seen Chi?" Sort of the reverse of Chi's deal where it's "Hi, have you seen Wednesday?" I won't say that the two characters are carbon copies of one another, but speaking as a guy who wrote a character who depended entirely on another character, this is a serious pitfall that you can fall into. Anyway, Wednesday falls out of the posting order and Blaine moves on to greater things, so when she pops back in, it'd be awkward to do so, so...next thread!

Wednesday goes to the showers and describes the removal of her clothes in excruciating detail. And yeah, wouldn't you know it, but a guy walks in on her trying to take a shower. Oh, the embarrassment. They share some light pleasantries as she gets dressed, and then she leaves.

Last thread, and it's Chi time! Let the love-making commence! I went over this with Chi already, so let's just skip to the killer ballerina. Elijah Rice shoots Chi from offscreen, and then Wednesday goes inactive while trying to charge him down, so Kaishi just has Rice spray her with bullets.

I can't really say that I got a picture of Wednesday's character, other than her mutual attraction to her significant other. It's not a bad way to establish a quest for your character, but you've got to have more going under the hood than just that, because what if the character gets rolled? What do you do with your character then? I learned that the hard way myself, so I'd caution others against this kind of story arc.

One more!
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