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Callum Hadley was a strange character. His profile declares that he still has imaginary friends at 16 years old and has difficulty distinguishing between fiction and reality. Apparently this came from his nanny, who taught him to use his imagination during playtime. This seems a little flimsy of an excuse, but I'll chalk that up to this being v1 and logic not applying to anything yet.

On the island, Callum's story largely revolves around a girl named Beth who doesn't exist. He also occasionally meets up with Skip, a long-time imaginary friend of his who often acts like a jerk. Honestly, Beth comes up so frequently in Callum's story that it becomes rather repetitive. And when you also take into account that she isn't even real, then it comes off as constant, pointless derailment.

When he's not going on about Beth though, Callum is pretty decent. He's a nice guy who doesn't want to hurt anyone. He tries to play the protector, but his delusional nature gets in the way of that, and he gets himself into a few awkward situations. However, he does manage to find a few successes while trying to play hero, successfully helping to fend off Cillian Crowe and Shinya Motomura. However, his obsession with Beth never leaves, and it directly leads to his death when he leaves a group to run off alone. And since, as previously stated, Beth doesn't actually exist, it makes him come off like a fool for doing so.

Also, there's the matter of the death scene itself. Callum is killed off in a needlessly grotesque manner by Johnny Lamika, who goes by "Dread". The posts are not overly long, but the nature of the kill itself is disgusting and off-putting and it completely turned me off of Callum at the last minute.

Callum was decent for the most part, having decent writing and lacking many grammar or mechanical errors. However, his death completely ruins the reading experience, and I cannot recommend him in good faith because of it. Just consider him another one of those characters who could have been all right, but was dashed at the last minute by an awful, unpleasant death.

Another character, if you please.
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