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That's Just Crazy Talk
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Blastinus read the posting style of Uriel Hunter.
God grant me wisdom to discern the
Method of this weirdo's madness
He said.

Time to Drop Some Sick Beats

Right, that was a thing. So what did I actually think of Uriel? Well, he was ridiculous, over-the-top, and yet another strange V1 gimmick. But the way he played his act to the hilt is almost charming. Like, kiri666yama had an idea in mind when they wrote this guy, and Uriel never deviated from it. Was it silly? Oh, darn right it was, but it was the kind of silly that's incredible and fun to read. I would recommend that everyone read through the saga of Uriel the Witch Hunter, just because it's the best kind of stupid and nobody should miss out.
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