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Cydni Pullman's game is pretty short, since she only gets one thread before being unceremoniously inactive killed by Angharad in that weird bathroom scene, so let's just examine the one time she's actually under her handler's control. She looks into her pack, finds her weapon, sarcastically muses about her situation, then gets startled to hear someone. And if you think that sounds like every SOTF kid's introduction, it's because it kinda is.

That's cool. She has one and a half pages to develop a personality.

Unfortunately, the remaining thread goes as bog-standard as you can get. The two kids she meets aren't threats, so she makes an alliance with one of them, and there's basically nothing she does that can be considered quirky or unique. Thus, as inactivity sets in before the thread's even over, her boring fate is sealed. Swoosh gets control of her from there, and she's easily disarmed and decapitated by Angharad without contributing anything of note or worth to the game.

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