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Angharad Davies caught my eye for multiple reasons. First, of all the characters I've read, she appears to have the most threads, which suggests she actually branched out on her own rather than just becoming part of one of those 17-page mega threads like everyone who followed Dodd. Second, her character is of Welsh descent, and therefore she'll be throwing in Welsh words during average conversation. I like that, because Welsh in itself is a fascinating language to read. Thirdly, she starts with a set of cat claws, and I really wanted to see how she makes any use out of those, since unlike all the guns and grenades and blunt instruments, those would require a degree more creativity.

All that being said, let's dive right in.

I really liked this one

To be honest, aside from the craziness of how much damage she took in her last two threads, I found Angharad to be a good read. She's got this ability to connect with folks and lie that you don't see too much in V1. If there were more deceptive villains instead of crazies, I think V1 would have been less eye-rolling at times.

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