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Hello, I decided to take a break from the V1 read o thon do to this.

So Ian's profile is that of a fairly normal teenager with some interests. The most important ones are graffiti and old movies. It says he's really calm and gets along well with people. Not much of note. Onward.

He only has one pregame thread. Ian comes to the park and spray paints a cat on a wall. Pretty much everyone ignores this act. He goes and speaks to Arthur, Miranda, Kathryn and Joshua who never made it to game. I made an executive decision to skip/skim any Joshua posts over 1,000 words long because the kids are just talking in a park. Sorry, Nic.

Honestly, the ones I remember the most from this sequence are Miranda and Arthur. They steal the show character-wise. Ian is there and ends up going to breakfast with Joshua, Arthur and Kathryn. He tells some jokes that I don't think are funny, but seem like the kind of thing a teenager would say so it makes sense. Forward ho.

Ian wakes up on the island for the second time. He woke up once, decided that there was no point in getting up if he didnt know where he was going to go, and went back to sleep. I think he's sleeping partly in a shallow pool of sea water since his pants are wet, so he could have moved a little.

In due time James and Kathryn appear and shortly after Venice and Amy. James has a Clue board game for a weapon and the crew proceeds to spend one and a half pages just talking about Clue. James has never heard of Clue until now and Amy is getting more concerned about like, the death island thing.

As we go on it becomes clear that Ian feels nothing about being on this island. He just plain doesn't give a shit.


"You're all freaked about staying alive but there's no one in this immediate area who's going to kill us, and if there was, we'd be toast already, yeah?" Ian crossed his legs and sat on the ground in a firm, if foolish, decision. " Oh I don't know, someone with legs could walk up and kill you but what are the odds amirite?

He does casually think that maybe he might kill people later though?
"Sup Kat? I mean," he shrugged a bit sheepishly, "besides the obvious, I guess." He scratched the back of his neck, wondering why this whole thing felt so awkward. Ian wasn't terrible at the whole making-new-friends thing, and these weren't even new people just -- new circumstances, really. Awkward new circumstances. Ian wasn't going to kill anyone, he knew that much. There was no way he had the stomach for it. I might get desperate enough entered his mind, and he shooed it away

For awhile I thought he was just fronting about not caring about the situation but apparently that's not the case?

It wasn't like he was in denial, or anything. Denial was pointless and ridiculous. There wasn't anyone who was going to rescue them, and there wasn't any way of stopping people from killing, so far as Ian could see. It was kill or be killed -- and Ian had cherry bombs, and James had Clue. What are you gonna do, someone comes and points a gun at you, shoots you in the head? There's nothing you can do.

Well they play some games of Clue and then finally sleep. When they wake up in the morning Ian finds that he's still not concerned and even after hearing the list of the dead he doesn't feel anything for any of them either, just mildly glad he's not on the list.

Then people go their separate ways. Shout out to James who is my favorite character in this scene, exasperated by the Clue talk and worried and paranoid in a charming way. He at one point kind of hopes a killer comes in just to interrupt the endless Clue talk.

I feel alienated from Ian at this point because it is difficult for me to care about someone who does not care. Even if you have decided that it is pointless and you should just focus on having a good time before you die, I don't think it's possible to completely forget about your circumstances and that would still poke in now and then.

Next thread is a one shot. Ian decides he'll go at it alone and seems to be slightly more paranoid than before which is an emotion.

Next thread he comes across Tyler, he of the flicker eyes, Cass and Alex. These three are FIGHTING. Alex is trying to come up with an escape plan and Tyler is calling her a dumb bitch and Alex isn't helping. Ian decides to walk up and sit near them, but he's mostly ignored. He's getting more and more paranoid because he's been alone for three days, snaps and yells at them

"You kill this early and people will call you on it! They'll hunt you!" He had no idea where the words were coming from, could follow no straight line of thought. "You gotta wait till there's no other option, that's the only safe way to do things!"

So I guess he's cool with killing now as long as it's near the end. Bit of a leap. I do see how isolation for two days could start to change his way of thinking, but we didn't get to see that happen so I'm not clear on how he got from Point A "Who cares what happens" to Point C "Kill people when we're closer to the end." More than 1 post where he's alone may have helped here.

They continue to largely ignore him so he leaves.

At this point Ian had gone inactive. He was then adopted out to someone, but was immediately rolled, so SOTFHelp took over. It's not a bad death, really. Stephanie point a gun at him and he rushes her. He beats her to death with the gun, but he's been shot in the knee which makes it so he can't escape in time when the place becomes a danger zone. I like the gruesome part where he tries to use the gun as a crutch to escape the zone, but falls short.

Final thoughts: Ian had a perfectly fine base and not much pregame so I didn't really get a good sense of who he was. Going into the island I was put off by how nonchalant he was about the whole affair. I think the idea of someone going paranoid and mad from isolation isn't a bad one, but there needed to be more transition and time. He's also hindered by the fact that besides his first thread he has no one to play off, being alone or mostly ignored.


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