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Sydney Morvran's big secret is that he's actually from a version previous to V1, but the kids on the island don't know this at first. Instead, he's introduced stalking Xian Chun through the bamboo coppice, seeming to be deranged and scarred up for no apparent reason. Sydney seems to be almost desperate to find someone to use as an ally, to the point of assuming that Xian's friend Tayli was trying to attack her and throwing one of his flashbangs. Once that misunderstanding is cleared up, Xian, Sydney, and Tayli run off together, with Sydney implying that not only does he know this island up and down, but that he's been here for longer than you'd think. In fact, he was the winner of his version, and that's why he's missing some fingers and looks as messed-up as he does.

Immediately, this draws the group's attention, but they don't probe Sydney for details long before more people show up, including Gabrielle Minase. Sydney is the one who scoops up Minase's weapon almost the instant it hits the ground, but in turn, he gets shot by accident when Tayli drops her gun, so it all balances out. Sydney never gets the opportunity to explain why it was that he was put back onto the island, nor does he give any useful information that can help the next batch of kids. Guess you can chalk that up to early rolls. It makes me wonder what his handler was intending to do with the character, whether there was more that Kaishi was planning to reveal about the previous programs. I suppose we'll never know.

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