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[and so ends Ken. Along one of my longest posts. And either most or second most graphic death, not sure...probably most. What do you all think? >>;]

I'll tell you what I think, Asano. I think that was friggin' awesome! Ken Mendel's only thread was an escape attempt where he tried to swim away from the island. The terrorists, having surrounded the entire island with patrol boats, give chase. And what follows is one of the most intense and horrifying scenes in V1 for violence. Not content to simply have him get shot up, not even to let him be crushed by one of the larger ships, Asano goes whole-hog and essentially liquifies him in the propellers of the boat that ran him over. No detail is spared, and the actions of the terrorists provide a lot of humanity to the folks keeping these kids prisoner, as even they're horrified and disgusted by what just happened in front of them. It's a violent cautionary tale that holds nothing back, and lets all the other handlers know just what is at stake if they try to do something similar.

I think that Asano made Ken purposely uninteresting in his profile just for this moment. Ken is a sacrifice for the sake of horror, and boy oh boy is it effective. His time on the island is incredibly short, but this is the kind of single-post death that deserves a read, for some of the best writing that I've seen in the game thus far.

Keep 'em coming!
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