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Now for something completely different. As a weird twist midway through the game, it was revealed that three of Danya's terrorist henchmen had accidentally turned on the PA system while reading fanfiction on their computers. As punishment for making Danya seem like an idiot, he decided that he would exile these three henchmen to the island, to fight for their own lives. One of these henchmen was Angelina Kaige, controlled by Dodd. The sensible one of the three who'd been chiding the other two for their frivolous activities, she would take more than a little umbrage about her situation, but chalk up an impressive kill record regardless, judging by her profile. I'm kind of interested to see where it goes.

First order of business, to prevent any unwanted leaks about his activities, Danya has gone and removed Angelina's vocal chords, along with those of her hapless colleagues. This is going to make any significant character interaction kind of difficult. Fortunately, Dodd is kind enough to give her a significant amount of thought and analysis to make up for it. Matter of fact, her first act is to try to blend in with the rest of the student body. Rather than wearing the obvious military gear she'd arrived in, she steals a dead girl's clothes and bag, and I have to say, this act alone makes me kind of root for her a little. What I expected with this twist was that she'd be another mad gunman like the kids on the island, but no, she's making strategic moves and playing intelligently.

Case in point, when she encounters a group of kids, instead of immediately opening fire, she instead crafts a story in the dirt about being a mute girl who found one of the terrorists and stole their gun. It's not the best excuse, and she gets caught in the lie fairly quickly, but at least she's trying. A fight breaks out, and one of the kids gets shot in the collar by accident, so technically not a kill for her, but it does provide enough of a distraction for her to escape, where she comes across a couple kids at the gazebo. Having been armed with a number of grenades, she throws one and takes them both out, demonstrating perhaps why it is that explosives are in short supply in these games.

Then she casually shoots Aiden Ambrose and breaks his neck just to be sure, and I'm beginning to see a problem emerging, which only becomes intensified with her kill of Lyndi. Angelina has no connections with any of these kids, and she's already a seasoned killer, so there's no development leading to her murder spree. She's the equivalent of a premade player, only even worse because she can't talk, so there's no emotion with any kills. She just kills because she wants to win, and that's that. Throw a grenade into a warehouse to kill several kids at once while picking off the survivors from a distance? Why, that's just business. Well, okay, she has one moment of characterization, and it's apparently that she's uncomfortable with gay sex. Woohoo for that, I guess.

Then "Cause I fell on black days" happens, and Angelina succumbs to the schlock factor. Turns out that she gets off on killing people, and so she curses herself for paralyzing a guy so he can't feel her slowly killing him. In an instant, suddenly her entire professional veneer vanishes, and we're left with one of the most cliched characterizations for a female villain you can get. The kind of thing you'd reserve for a Bond villain. This is somehow worse than she was before, when she was just flatly killing people for the sake of the game, and it really kills whatever hope I had for the character. Sure enough, next thread, she's forcing herself onto a 16-year old kid and it's just so, so painful. Like, what the heck, Dodd? You had a decent thing going with her, and you decided to just turn her into the sleaziest thing possible.

Thank goodness the next thread is her last one. Let's just cut to the chase. She snaps a kid's neck, another kid ambushes her, and she takes a bullet to the forehead. I don't even want to dignify her with a more in-depth analysis, because those last two threads killed whatever appreciation I had for the character. Ultimately, she ended up scoring 11 kills, most of which had no impact behind them and the few that did made me want to gouge my eyes out. So...thanks for that.

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