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Eddie Serjeantson is an example of a Dodd character who doesn't revolve around Dodd, which means that he actually has personality. Is that a good thing? Yeh...Maybe? I've already talked about Sarge and his really weird speaking habits, but let's focus on that a little more. The guy's a history buff who has a jock-esque appearance but is actually smart. And I guess that Dodd wanted to manifest that in him doing a lot of rapid-fire banter. Is it jarring and tonally-dissonant? I don't know. It could just be a guy trying to deal with a stressful scenario by bantering his way through it in order to stay sane. It's hard to tell, because his story doesn't last long enough to answer that question.

We've seen a good chunk of Sarge's story because of following Glenn, so let's just skip to something important that he does at the Gazebo. Given what we know of Jacob Starr, it wouldn't be a surprise that Sarge decides to pragmatically take him on. What follows is a long OOC argument on the nature of bullet-dodging and how it relates to GMing that leaves Eddie on the run from Jacob and separated from Glenn's group. Running literally into Miranda Grey, he once again acts pragmatically and cautiously, telling her to lose her weapon. The back and forth between them, since they're exes, is both sarcastic and ribbing, and I really enjoyed the banter. Neither of them truly trust the other and have some bad vibes from their previous relationship, but the situation of the island necessitates putting that aside and working together.

Coming into a heated argument in a very chaotic scene, Eddie finds it all very amusing, and I'm kinda loving the guy. He's taking the situation seriously enough, but he's actually got a sense of humor and is trying to find the good side of things. It's too bad that he's about to be murderbush'd. Yes, it's that thread. He kicks the rock into the bush all casual-like and Daphne springs forth with the stabbing, putting an early and ignominious end to this strange guy. It's a shame, because we don't get a clear picture of who he is beyond his joking and his pragmatism. Considering how doom and gloom the rest of V1 was, he could have been a good comic relief.

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