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Amanda Jones is my first Dodd character, and she's also the vice president's daughter? And she has a huge crush on ADAM DODD?! What kind of self-shilling nonsense is this? Oh well, let's just evaluate her as her own separate character.

Yeah, good luck with that

Final thoughts on Amanda...Well, from what I can tell, Adam Dodd exudes a strange Second Banana Aura, which makes it impossible to stand out as long as he's nearby. I enjoyed the scenes most where Amanda has to strike out on her own and actually do stuff independently of the Doddster, but whenever she's attached to him, her character revolves around building him up and helping him through his emotional turmoil. She can only be Amanda and not Dodd's girlfriend when she's by herself, and so my opinion of her oscillated up and down. Ultimately, her character's death is just designed as a motivation for Dodd to get his revenge on Cody, and that feels a bit cheap.

Can I go again?
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