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Duncan Wright was a college student who was researching SOTF, and he was kidnapped by the AT because they felt that he knew a little too much about how they worked. This actually isn't too bad a backstory as far as v1 is concerned, although how a single college student can obtain so much information about a secretive terrorist organization to the point that he is considered a specific threat to them raises a few eyebrows in terms of realism.

Despite his profile making him seem pretty important, Duncan actually doesn't do very much on the island. He meets Angharad Davies early and teams up with her, and the two of them head to the lighthouse in search of shelter. Duncan explains the basics of SOTF as far as he understands, then heads to the kitchen to cook some dog food and go inactive. His next appearance comes when Angharad, now fully committed to playing, returns to the lighthouse where he had been staying. He shows her an escape plan that he had drawn up, and she responds by kicking him to death.

There isn't really anything wrong with Duncan. He's competently written and has a decent voice. However, he doesn't really get to do much on the island before going inactive. He's decent, but you aren't really missing much if you skip him either.

Another character, if you please.
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