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August Masbeth's handler would very much like you to know that this character is absolutely nothing like Helena Van Garrett, despite coming from about the same background and being best friends with Helena herself. See, the big difference, as we'll soon discover, is that she accidentally burned down her mother's bakery and killed her sister. That's basically it so far as characterization goes, so let's hop right in.

To be honest, her first thread starts out pretty solidly. She meets a guy named Terry Woodard and, having discussed that neither one is in the mood for playing, just sit down and have a casual conversation, getting to know one another and fleshing out their characters a little. It's a decent scene, but suddenly August's handler decides that the scene is boring, so they invite none other than Hawley Faust in to play. Now Hawley, being Hawley, is confrontational at best, but decides to not try anything directly, instead sending off a parting shot as he leaves the scene. Pretty simple action, and a sudden shock to end the thread. Now then, let's-

What do you mean there's eight more pages?

That's right, having been shot at, the two of them dust themselves off and get right back to talking. I'll freely admit that I started skimming it after a while. It's not that it's bad writing or anything. It's just that it's basically a back and forth of two characters going over the usual talking points that, by this point, have become rote cliches. What weapons did we get? Are we playing? What do we do if we encounter a player? Who do you think is playing? What friends should we be looking for? You could probably make a mad libs for "Non-Player Conversations" based on this scene alone.

Fortunately, Kichiro Taka awakes in the general area. Time to finally break the tedium, right? Instead, there's the briefest amount of tension and distrust, and it's right back to mad libs again. Kichiro leaves, and they finally decide to move on themselves, this entire 12-page thread having basically gone in one ear and out the other.

Anyways, in the amount of time it takes to go from thread one to thread two, Helena's been whacked by Hawley, and so it's now revenge time! Finally some action! And the scene is really, really fun. Riseruga's writing is one of the highest points of quality in V1, and Hawley's struggle with fighting off Terry and August simultaneously is well-written and entertaining. He prevails in the end, of course, but without making it seem cheap or contrived. And to that point, I have to say that I wish that orangeflamingo had more characters to run against riseruga's, because the two of them writing action scenes together can wring out pure gold. I would probably skip August's first thread, but I would definitely put both Helena and August's final scenes on a must-read list for V1.

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