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Elijah Rice! So I pulled me a TERRORIST, nice.

Before I get into the actual factuals of Elijah's character, I will comment on the idea of putting some disgraced members of Danya's crew onto the island along the students. It reminds me of V4's rescue in terms of something big and out of the box that shakes up the way the game is played, so I appreciate the creativity behind it. The execution... well, it fits V1's style, I can say that. Which means it ends up resulting in mostly a lot of badly written action scenes and the concept doesn't get fully fleshed out. It's sort of a shame.

As part of the whole plot hook, the terrorists have all had their vocal chords ripped out. This means that Elijah has no dialogue to speak of, only internal monologue. While I'm sure, given the rest of the writing, any dialogue he might have had would have been mainly comprised of heartless, terrorist-y grandstanding, the lack of any option at all for his character to verbally communicate puts a damper on the whole idea of a terrorists vs. students conflict in the first place. This is evidenced in the first thread he enters, where he shoots two girls before agreeing to team up with Clemence because he admires her... kill-y nature or whatever. Nothing of real interest.

NEXT THREAD: He shows up with Clemence at the hospital and they decide to murder everyone because, y'know, SOTF. It's almost entirely action, Elijah is still pretty heartless and unrelatable, and barely anyone ends up dying anyways.

Elijah Rice
To sum it up, it was a very disappointing scene.

Elijah's handler seems to have gone inactive, because his final thread is a one-off DODDPOST. It is labeled with "(Intense and Extreme content warning)".

Should be... fun.

Elijah runs into Sidney Crosby and smacks him with his assault rifle, starting a scuffle between the two of them. It goes back and forth, with Sidney stealing the gun and Elijah starting to strangle him anyways... until the man, the myth, the legend, ADAM DODD himself shows up to save Sidney. Elijah gets up to get going with the whole murder thing...

And Adam unsheathes a sword and BISECTS ELIJAH RICE.



CONCLUSION: Elijah was barely enough of a character to even bother recommending him or not. He's given no real characterization, not even all that over the top in his evil-ness compared to Clemence, is barely on the island for that long, and his death scene barely gives him any credit at all and mostly just exists for Adam and Sidney. Hard pass.


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