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i'm the worst
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Extra Curricular Activity: Comic Book Club, Video Game Club, Anime Club, Track Team.

look at this fukin nerd lol Kermit throws things at jake

Well, on the bright side, his hobbies are like, normal.


Jake is a stinky neeeeeeeeeerd! also “>>;“. I’m unsure what it means, but it’s it’s in his profile.

“Particularly his sister, Anna, who would often get in his way while playing video games. He realized, of course, that she was just an infant but that didn't mean she couldn't show his games the respect they deserved!”

Kermit beats jake up

“His brother, who was only older than him by a year, was much the same but instead of being responsible, he often found himself in trouble. Once, he had even nearly killed another boy. Boy, had that gotten his parents angry.”


“His parents had decided that it was probably wise if Jake and his older brother didn't go to the same school because they had never gotten along overly well. Had he the chance, John would beat Jake up every chance he got.”

I’m John.


Posted Image


Jake’s only thread is “?????????????????” which does not bode well.

“(Shinya continued from: Truth be Told, the Child was Borne))
((Eh-Sun continued from ?? ?? ??? ??))
(and Jake is just starting because Skythe gave me premission to kill him XD)”

well rip jake

The post starts off with Shinya killing himself in a confusing and overly-elaborate way. Not sure why it wasn’t just a oneshot, but ok.

Jake crawls over to Shinya’s corpse, steals all of his shit, and says “Hell yes now the jocks cant kill me” and then a gunshot goes boom and Jake dies. THE END!


he's there for a single post after everyone dies.

Kouji wonder towards the Bamboo Coppice and found Eh-Sun, "YOU!" Kouji shouted aloud. "Hey you I want my blade back!"

oh klouji i love you so

Conclusion: the most I can say about Jake is that he existed.

Fuck it, another one, please.
Edited by Kermit, Oct 8 2017, 02:25 PM.
Ravioli Marill - Today at 9:49 AM
(Mariavel is Kermit)

Some people that might be in V7 (or not):

Michael Froese: "Is it bad that I hope today's the day Richard finally fucking snaps, brings a gun to school, and shoots me in the head? Because I really can't deal with this shit anymore."

Valerija Bogdanovic: "If we as a society continue using words like "cuck" or "Reagan fetishist" to describe those who's political views differ from our own, we will accomplish nothing. Alienating each other will just lead to further division. If I were to insult you straight to your face, it's not like you'd hold my opinion with any merit."

Maxwell Fenster: "Okay then."

V1 sprites!

mini stuff!?!??!?!?!?!?!?

Wow look here's a big ol' spotify playlist, listen to it (only if u want im not ur boss)!
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