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Anya starts by having a dream about a B-movie where a giant fork kills people and then she’s drowning, but she wakes up and is on STOF. Whoever did her wiki mid-game evaluation didn’t read carefully and said SHE was drowning when her post very clearly states she woke up next to the river and not in it.

She realizes she’s on a death game, pulls out an airline bottle of booze (doesn’t say what kind of liquor it is) downs it and then starts thinking. She has a gun in her bag so that’s good. Nearby screams cause her to look at her map, decide the school is a good option and set off.

Right at the outset I want to mention that the writing here is pretty good and there are a refreshing lack of typos.

Anya arrives at school and it’s been barricaded. She says hello and says she’s not playing, asking to be let in. When the response is slow she becomes frightened, but doesn’t know what else to do.

Sydney Morvran tells her if she tosses her gun inside then they’ll let her in, otherwise they’ll shoot her. Xian and Tayli both say Anya is trustworthy. Tayli asks Sydney not to shoot her friend with her weapon that she’s loaned him. Sydney lets her in and says “Enjoy your stay I guess.”

Anya asks Sydney about being in SOTF before. Tayli suggests locking all the firearms in one cabinet and all the ammo in another so everyone can focus on barricading the school without worry of betrayal. She’ll hold the key to one cabinet and Xian the other.

But then Minase walks in. He’s pretty hostile so things get tense. Also Tayli just spent a long post talking about how people in school like her and Minase is like “I don’t like her.” CAN’T WIN ‘EM ALL. Kaishi declares no more people can come in the thread because it’s full, which might make this the first private thread.

Minase starts accusing Sydney of stuff, he starts having V0 flashbacks and throws a grenade at him (pin is still in). Xian intervenes and gets hit in the back with the grenade, Minase drops his gun to catch her (and is suddenly in love with her), Sydney continues to freak out and crym caught in a feedback loop of V0 memories. Xian freaks out.

She dropped [her bag] onto her lap and searched through it pulling out another bottle of gin, thinking that joining this group might have been a mistake.


She finishes the bottle -- for her sake I hope it was another airline bottle -- and thinks that Minase is an idiot. She proposes that since SOTF is being broadcast that the government will come for them as soon as they recognize the location so perhaps if they just wait they might be ok.

Minase thinks Xian and Syndey are crazy and hates Anya for her “diplomacy crap” and takes them all hostage. I’m glad he died of AIDS.

Anya pulls out a THIRD bottle of liquor and drinks it, telling Minase they can listen to him without the threat of death and to at least put the safety on and preferably put the gun down.

Minase HATES her attitude and smarts so he shoots above her head. Anya screams, and then brushes the ceiling bits out of her hair that fell on her. She opens a FOURTH bottle of booze and drinks it all. As she drinks she wonders if there’s an easy way to kill Minase. I have to say I’m on her side.

Tayil has had enough so she goes and falls asleep in a janitor’s closet. When she wakes up she finds a laptop and is excited it could be their ticket out. She runs out, slips, falls on the floor and in falling shoots Sydney in the lung. Wahhh wahhhh. Minase and Anya start trying to help him, Anya gets a FIFTH bottle of gin to disinfect the wound. Did this girl pack nothing but alcohol? Xian runs past Anya and Anya, in surprise, pulls the trigger of her gun but nothing happens because she put the safety on. Xian runs off screaming, Sydney dies, Minase leaves, Anya leaves and Tayil stays there until the area is made a danger zone and she dies.

Anya runs back to the river where Jacob Starr and Uriel are. Jacob is wearing a suit (??). She drops the gun when Jacob approaches her with a knife and he stabs her in the leg. She gets up and he continues trying to stab her. They know each other from school but he’s basically a robot. He stabs her square in the chest and picks up her gun. Well she grabs the gun while he's holding it and pulls the trigger but it shoots her and she dies.

Conclusion: She’s ok. I guess I’d recommend her. I was expecting more sass from Inky’s recommendation of her. She’s a little funny, but not remarkably so. She’s generally well written and has some attitude, but not a must for v1 reading. Trivia says she’s the first person ever to be posted with on SOTF so I guess you can read her for the novelty of that combined with her being decent overall.

Another child please
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