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Who is this sassy lost child
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I remembered liking Rosemary a lot back when I was a newbie in V5 and I'm pretty pleased to say that she holds up very well a few years down the line, enough for me to really regret that MrMrsMissRandom didn't make it into V6 with the improvement they saw with Rosemary under their belt.

wall of text incoming

All in all, Rosemary was very good. The technical issues with MrMrsMissRandom's writing get better as the story goes along, and throughout her misadventures Rosemary remains a generally good person, struggling to find a reason to keep going. She feels very real and human with her allergies and her getting upset over being rejected by a boy, and even the moments where I'm skeptical of the logic going on I can smooth over with the excuse that people make dumb mistakes. Rosemary always pays for her mistakes too, which makes them a lot easier to roll with than if she was blundering all over with no consequence. I really recommend Rosemary for those who haven't read her, and I'm very happy that she holds up so well compared to how I remembered her.

I'll take another.
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