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Kousaka Takeda is a transfer from DarkMagick High. And yes, it's precisely what it sounds like:
In his times at DarkMagick High, he began to learn the basics of gunship and soon became a superb user of the dark gun arts.

Well, this is shaping up to be something truly magical.

Unfortunately, nobody wants to play along with the poor Mr. Takeda in his first thread, so he just meditates under a waterfall and moves on. It's funny that we've reached a point where that's considered mundane. In his next thread, he reflects on the sunset and nobody shows up, so he moves on. In his next thread, he skips some stones over a river, but nobody shows up, so he moves on.

There's a disturbing lack of dark magic happening here.

Finally, FINALLY, he runs into some people, and he responds by acting confrontational and cold towards them. This isn't unprecedented, because his profile suggests a degree of emotional detachment, but it's also not conducive to the making of alliances. Also, there's this creepy line, taken entirely out of context:
"Well, well, a little missy here to entertain me, huh?" He said sharply lifting his chin to the air.

I don't think I like Kousaka. But oh wait, he's putting a pair of goggles on, and a dark aura is gathering around him. Are we going to see some magic happening?! Oddly, no. He reaches into his bag to pull out a smoke grenade, but then everyone else assumes that what he's actually got is flashbangs. Uh, no, everyone, his profile clearly says smoke grenades. But his handler is confused enough that Kousaka backpedals through time and instead just...starts crying and sobbing. Oooookay then. Like literally, he goes in two posts from being a cocky jerk to a wailing mess, and it's super jarring. But I guess it works, since the group lets him go and all, so maybe it was just him putting on an act to get out of a sticky situation.

Ha! No. In his next and final thread, he becomes a silent spectator to the absolutely horrible Peri Barclay sadistic choice thing with Glenn that I mentioned before, and that just makes him cry again and crumple into the fetal position. Naturally, when Eh-Sun wanders by, she does what Eh-Sun do and casually murders him, leaving me vaguely unsatisfied and more than a little confused.

Like, what happened there? Did the shock of going back a few seconds in time scramble something in Kousaka's brain? He was confident and sure of himself, emotionally distant like his profile said, and everything was hunky-dory, then for his last moments, he's completely out of character and he goes out like a chump. He didn't even get to show his dark magical gun skills.

Well, let's hope the next one is better.
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